Is Summer Really Almost Over?

I can’t believe it’s the last week of August – the last unofficial week of summer…and truth be told, I’m a little relieved. Although my social calendar doesn’t appear to be slowing down, I know it will start.

Not sure what Labor Day weekend will hold – we keep throwing around the traditional camping trip…but not sure if my pre-surgery architect is really up for that – and I’m not sure I’m ready for a miles-from-civilization gallbladder attack.

Yesterday we went on a fun hike at Cape Horn (I think) in Washington state. It was only about 8 miles round trip, but there was a lot of elevation climbs – and a voracious pack of stinging nettles. We saw a few lizards and some snakes, and then a herd of goats. Also a waterfall. It was quite lovely – but the best part? At the beginning of the hike, I took the lead & totally kicked some climbing ass – leaving the poor architect in my dust! Woo! I am speedy, y’all! Of course, that didn’t last, and soon enough he caught up with me and then later, I was the one dragging, but it was good, none-the-less.

Saturday was a fairly lazy day, although I did make and can my own salsa, using jalapenos from my very own garden! Also, we have two out of three walls painted in the kitchen, and decided late last night that we’re going to have to paint the third wall (of course that’s the wall with the fridge and the stove…so that should be fun).

I do have many exciting pictures – and soon I will share them. Really. I promise!

This week is looking pretty eventful as well. I’ve started my fall morning writing routine – and I’m not sure how that’s going to work w/ the public transportation, but we’ll see tomorrow (Mondays are my driving days). And gym visits scheduled tonight & Wednesday night, walking Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and we’ll see how the weekend looks. If we don’t camp, I’m pushing for a 8.5 or 9 mile run this weekend (I hit 7 miles last weekend, and wussed out this weekend, so just did a couple 5K lengths during the week).

Thursday I have an AAUW board planning meeting, and then, Friday night, is Spamalot! I am very excited! Yay! for the theater. So – I should keep fairly busy, I guess!

And just in case Autumn is too slow for me, I am taking a class this fall. Why? Because I abhor down time, apparently.

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