Sometimes I wonder if I’m crazy….

I think it’s been fairly well documented how much I hate flying. And now? I have, in my inbox, flight itineraries for three flights. Yes, three. Because I am crazy.

I’m headed to NC in September to spend some time w/ the inlaws.

I’m going to Vegas in October with some girlfriends. Which, honestly? Is hot. Because, first of all, that means that I have friends! Woo! I’ve lived here for one year, and now am traveling with new friends. That’s pretty cool. Also? I adore Vegas with all my heart. I don’t much gamble, but I rock at lounging by the pool drinking bloody marys. The only downside? Vegas is the weekend before my 1/2 marathon. So I will have to hit the gym at least once on my trip. And I’ll have to do so surreptitiously so that my fellow travelers don’t mock me.

November, I’m headed to LA, primarily to see my friend Brad. I’m so excited. Although I may have to make a side trip to Gardena because my cool friend Sue & her hubby bought a house there right after I moved away and I haven’t seen it yet.

As far as I know, that’s the last travel I have planned for awhile. Which is probably good.

If all the planned flying wasn’t enough to make me wonder about my own sanity, there is more.

This week I’ve been a very good girl. I walked with a co-worker on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday (and these are crazy walks, people – we have lots of hills by our work). Wednesday I ran at the gym. Yesterday, after my hour-long lunch walk, I went to the gym with a friend – and we swam. Which was awesome. I haven’t been in a pool in a while. We only did about 20 minutes, and then sat in the steam room for awhile before going to yoga. But, it wasn’t time for yoga yet, so we decided to amuse ourselves on the stairmaster for a bit. 20 floors of stairs or so. But not quickly or anything…but still. And then a 60 minute yoga class (mostly Hatha, for those who asked).

The class was so much better than last week’s. Last week’s class was a lot more “Heil” than “Namaste.” Not so much flow and breathing, more “drop and give me twenty, maggot.”

For all yoga, I much prefer this:

to this:

Happy weekend, everyone!

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