Fit But You Know It

Last night, I met with a personal trainer at my gym for a fitness assessment. It was determined that I am, in fact, fit. And, she recommended that due to my level of lean body mass (which is very very good) that I should modify my goal weight to be higher than previously thought. Which is kinda cool, too. Apparently I have some runner’s muscles.

The other thing she commented on was a knee injury that is 10 years old. So old, in fact, that I hardly ever take it into account anymore. However, she could tell – and apparently that’s throwing a number of things off. I signed up for some personal training, hoping that I can work on the strength training and stretches that will make my knee all happy and make me a better, more productive runner. Or, I might just die from having a personal trainer. She might yell at me. Make me drop and give her twenty. I’m not really sure what to expect.

HOWEVER, the weirdest part of the whole evening started when we were chatting – I mentioned that I’m originally from South Dakota, and it turns out she’s originally from North Dakota – Bismarck, in fact. So, I tell her that my parents lived in Bismarck for a while after I graduated from high school (in fact, my knee injury happened at the YMCA in Bismarck – and she used to work at the Y in Bismarck). A while later, I asked when she left, and she said after graduating high school in 1999. Just so you know, my sister graduated from high school in 1999. They did go to different schools, but my trainer said the name sounded familiar – and I got the same reaction when I called my little sis to report the weirdness. After thinking for a bit, my sis (who has the same first name as my trainer) said that she thought they went to 9th grade together.

So – how random is that? My personal trainer at my gym in Portland, Oregon went to 9th grade with my sister in Bismarck, ND.

Crazy, crazy times.

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