With all the various crashes that happened last December/January – and my subsequent transfer to a different host, I lost many, many posts. I was able to save the highly formatted text of a majority of them, and have been working to get them all back up.

I am now current through July 2006 – boy I was all stressed out last year at this time! Ha! Something about moving?

anyways – my archives are definitely becoming more archival.

So – although I’m not actually posting anything new per se, the blog is getting fuller!

Someone – tell me a story?


  1. Hi Amy,

    Just a quick note to say hello!

    Well, I’ve also an ulterior motive.

    [fiendish laughter]

    I also wanted to ask if you’d mind if I link to your blog from mine. 🙂

    I hope you’re well!


  2. A story, hmmm…

    How about the fact that we were walking down the street in Boston the other night and some A-hole said to UC, “Look, a skin head with carpet.”

    It was in reference to his hair loss. It was rude and offensive!!!

    I couldn’t believe it. THere was a policman on the next block and I wanted to report the comment, but UC asked me not to. He wanted to go to the Red Sox game and forget about it.

    It makes me sad.

    That’s all I got. Sad, mean stories.

    Sorry about the server. GLad to hear you’re catching up though!

  3. Brian – of course I don’t mind – but I think you already did, anyways 🙂

    I didn’t see your comment until today – something about being busy.

    AG – thanks for the story. I’m glad it wasn’t heartwarming, ’cause that’s not my style. That’s pretty shitty, though – I can’t believe someone would actually say that. I would’ve kicked them.

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