Not that I’m busy…

But holy crap – there is the busy-ness. I have been doing the working thing, because that keeps the paychecks coming, and that’s been a lot.

And then, the social-ness, which always seems so slow in winter and out of control in summer is, well, busy. I like social (no, really, I do….), but also I have been so busy with work, friends, and home that I feel like I haven’t blogged in almost a week.

And, I missed a happy birthday shout out last Wednesday to my baby sister who turned the not-so-babyish age of 27. So, in keeping with my efforts to not get anything done on time – happy birthday, Liz!

Last Tuesday night I went on the Hoodoo Moon Cruise as part of the Blue Festival. It was much fun. There was only one problem – it started at 10:45 at night. Which is my bedtime.

I made it through the evening, but barely stayed awake long enough to get home (fortunately, the architect was driving).

Wednesday was a day of sloth. And also of filling my new compost bin with compostables. And then there may have been a nap.

Thursday evening, the architect & I met a friend and her….boy toy? boyfriend? significant other? platonic friend? male companion? or whatever he is…and I bought a bike. My friend’s bike, to be precise. It was a bit too short for her, plus she got an ass-kicking very awesome bike that makes me jealous. But it’s okay, because now I have a road bike, too, and can start training for my STP and triathlons next year.

After the bike test-ride and money-exchaning-of-hands, we all went out for dinner at the Sellwood Public House and had phenomenal pizza and very good beer. It was quite nice.

Friday, the architect and I had a beer at Skyline Tavern, which was a bit dive-y (and not in the way I necessarily like) but had a great view. Then we went out for Thai food.

Saturday, I started off with a run, and ended up running about 6.25 miles – which ties my all time distance. I’m still hoping to hit a 10-mile run by the end of the month, but since I’m doing an 8K race next weekend, I’m not sure I’ll get there in July….but by September 1st, I will definitely be hitting 10 miles on a regular basis, I hope.

Saturday also brought our weekly trip to Home Depot.

Saturday afternoon a friend and her fiance came over and the four of us had a delightful afternoon of wine and cheese and fruit. So many good cheeses and delicious fruits. Yum. Also, I got to show off our house & yard a bit.

Sunday – went for a bike ride on my new bike. The architect has been regularly hitting 70+ miles for his STP training rides, so I had no illusions that I’d do a whole ride with him, but I did go about 21 miles yesterday. I could have done more physically if the seat on my new bike wasn’t so terrible. (However, if you listen to the bike computer, I went about 45 miles averaging over 30 mph – so really, I’m kind of a rock star in the biking world. Or, I may need to reset the computer 🙂 )

Yesterday afternoon was pretty good – I turned the compost, which ended up being much harder & blistering than I expected. I also discovered that we have new neighbors! About 18 wasps have moved into the castle! So, that’s exciting, then.

Last night, we walked to the local DQ for a hot Sunday evening treat – and it was the perfect end to a busy but fun week.

Tonight I have an AAUW board meeting – since I’m now all fancy and a board member. One of the emails I got (the one with the 7 page agenda attached) referenced taking breaks every 90 minutes – which sounds disturbing. I really can’t stay out past 10 – messes up my whole week.

This weekend, I’m on my own Friday & Saturday night – but I think I’ll manage to stay busy between the Saturday Bastille Day celebrations & Pink Zebra contest and the Sunday “Run Like a Girl” 8K. And the loads of cooking that I’ll do to prepare for the ravenous hordes of hungry bikers that will arrive on Sunday (all two of them!)

So – I’ll try to update. I do want to do my book reviews yet. And there are so many things I’d like to start paying attention to.

So – happy week. Hopefully I’ll be around.

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