On Clothes & Shoes & Boobs (and a political postscript)

There will be boobs in this post. Consider yourself warned, dad.

But first! The clothes & shoes.

Yesterday I went shopping with a friend (who has determined that I need a wingman when clothes shopping so I don’t end up with Gloria Vanderbilt zipper ankle jeans.

Also – I needed a dress. All my dresses are black, except my wedding dress, which is a tad too formal for summer cocktail parties. So, we went to the mall. I hate the mall. I don’t know why, but malls give me the wiggins.

But, she said it would be okay, and that there would be shoes. And there were shoes! So many pretty, pretty shoes. But, before we could buy shoes, we needed dresses – so we would know which shoes would be best, because apparently my strategy of coordinating my clothes to my shoes is backwards.

So, we went to Macy’s. And, although I love Macy’s shoe department, I hate the rest of Macy’s. I find that their service, overall, sucks. And also? If I am buying a $100 pair of pants from Macy’s, why can’t I have free hemming? Seriously. Banana Republic does free alterations. Nordstroms does free alterations. Get with it.

…ahem…anyways, we went to Macy’s and tried on some stuff, but no one wanted to help, so we left. And went to Nordstroms. And I tried on dresses that scared me a little when I looked at the price tags. And then, aided by a friend of my friend and her favorite sales person (I wish I could afford to shop at Nordstroms enough to have a favorite salesperson), I found this dress:

It looks different on me, due to the model’s lack of rack, but it is so very pretty – 100% silk and so soft and lovely. The best part? It was 50% off. That’s right. 50%. On-line, it is not 50%. YAY! for me.

So, now I have my dress, and it is a bit…plunging…in front. So, I need a bra. Actually, I need more than one bra – the ones I currently have are over a year old and are showing their age. Also, they are vaguely uncomfortable. So I did something I’ve been meaning to do for a very long time. I let the Nordstroms bra people fit me.

And, the good news first: I have on a new bra, and it is comfortable and my boobs look fantastic.

The bad news? There are more Ds in my bra size than I thought possible. Which means that as I lose weight, and my band size decreases, my cup size continues to increase. I am now a 36DDD. Although the architect expressed some excited anticipation about what will happen when I get down 30 more pounds to my goal weight, I feel trepidation. This is not cool. I thought that I was supposed to lose the boobs first. If this keeps up, my running hobby is going to be in serious jeopardy.

But, moving on to happier things.

Now, I have a dress, a nice bra, and a plunging bra on special order. But, we are tired and our feet are swollen from the many hours of walking about shopping, so we do not try on shoes. 🙁

So, today, I went virtual shoe shopping. And, I found these:

And they are pretty, and yet practical (one commenter said that they are crazy comfortable) for an outdoor event (stilettos, as I have learned, are mostly just good for aerating the lawn). AND, because I am a bargain shopper, I found them for half price at Amazon.

(And, although I know that Zappos will do a 110% price match guarantee, I preferred to just buy them on Amazon this time, because they also had free, if not as fast, shipping…and I’m too lazy to make the Zappos phone call.)

So – the lesson today is – bargain hunting can pay off – because instead of $300 for the dress & shoes, I paid just over $100 for the combo. It sounds less bargainy if I tell you how much the fantastic bras were, so we’ll just leave it at that.

However, I think that Stacy & Clinton would be proud. And I will be pretty. So everyone wins.


On to politics!

I know I’m not the first to comment on this, and I won’t be the last, but I have to say something.

I am not surprised that Bush commuted Scooter Libby’s sentence (also, I wonder if Scooter is sad that everyone calls him that….and I have no idea what his real name is, nor do I care).

I’m still disappointed, though. Seriously – if you’re going to appoint a fall guy, then let him fall all the way – looks more authentic that way. Or, let him serve half of his sentence and then pardon him later. But don’t let someone who has been convicted of perjury and obstruction of justice in a case that threatened national security get off scot-free…even if he’s not guilty of the crimes of which he was convicted, he was tried and convicted by a jury – and if Bush won’t pardon death-row criminals even when DNA evidence warrants a new trial, why should Libby get a commuted sentence and possibly a pardon for his 2.5 year sentence?

I know that part of the Presidential privilege is the power to pardon prisoners (hee…alliteration). I also know that power is probably misappropriated for political reasons more often than to prevent miscarriages of justice, but this is just one more thing that Bush has done that proves he not only doesn’t care about justice when it applies to the loyal Bushies, but that he doesn’t care about the opinion of his constituency – the American people.

Bushco won’t bend for child soldiers (excuse me, unlawful combatants) that are housed in Guantanamo Bay without a trial, and who were arrested before they were of legal age – saying they are not “soldiers” child or otherwise, but Scooter gets a pass?

I’m sure glad they have their priorities straight.


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