Too many things, not enough time

Y’all….my brain is fried. You can tell because I am appropriating slang that is not native to where I grew up.

1. The trip to South D was great. I love visiting my parents, sister & friends. Even the reception was not horrible. The food was great. The environment was terrific. The quilt was freaking amazing.

2. I ate a lot of buffalo in South D. I love buffalo burgers. Which surprises some people because I don’t actually eat red meat or pork. But I will eat tasty tasty bisons. Yum.

3. The architect & I climbed a mountain. Then, we went with my family through Spearfish Canyon. It was pretty.

4. The flights sucked. As they do. With the storms.

5. Last Tuesday was the architect’s birthday. I got him this:

6. Last week, I logged 7.4 hours of walking/running. Plus another 60 minutes of yard work & 60 minutes of biking. Today? I cannot so much walk.

7. Saturday I went to the spa. I really want to move into the spa. It was so wonderful. I love the spa.

8. Saturday I did lots of yard work.

9. Saturday, the architect & I went to an Art Museum Member night – and had a terrible time. Although my boss who also went had a marvelous time, so we just missed out on fabulous by a tiny tiny bit.

10. Sunday, I went for a hike in Forest Park. Which I can walk to from my house. It was beautiful.

11. Sunday, I also did much housework.

12. Today, I am crabby and grumpy and whiny and want to go home. Also, I got to ride a train today. Not MAX train. A special train. That was a nice work break.

13. Anyone want to come help me paint? I really want to get the painting done this week. Anyone?

Pictures soon, I (sort of) promise.

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