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finally friday

this week has been an interesting version of hell. Many things happened that I wanted to share with you. But, since I didn’t, you just get a list.

1. Monday’s AAUW installation banquet was much fun. The pre-banquet shoe shopping and the banquet wine may have had something to do with that.

2. Tuesday, I sat next to a woman who smelled like a pre-teen in in 1989 (i.e. me). She had washed in Ivory soap and was wearing grape-scented lip gloss. She was approximately my age. Her clothes were reminiscent of the 80s, as well.

3. Tuesday after work, I finally got my pedicure and waxing. Although I really hate the pedicures, it is nice to have pretty (or at least as pretty as they can be) toes.

4. I also did a little necessary shopping and feel that I can now appropriately welcome summer. I also got to ride with the crazy bus driver lady again. She is just a bad driver, and shouldn’t be allowed to drive buses.

5. It finally happened – after 30 years, I finally became a girl. There was a skirt (*gasp*) and makeup and pedicured toes. I know, I know…who am I? It was almost fun, but it’s gonna take a while to get used to being girly.

6. I learned why you should always, always, always have socks handy. That reason? In case you end up in the hospital unexpectedly. If you don’t have socks, your poor feet will freeze while you’re waiting in the coldest exam room in the history of hospitals. You always hear about the clean underwear thing, but no one ever told me to carry socks. Let that be a lesson.

7. It turns out I will do anything to avoid going to work 7 days in a row, including jumping off the bus (it wasn’t moving) and heading to an ER. Also, it turns out (and this is not a surprise) that almost everyone at the hospital is nicer than the doctors. Also, I am better now. Although there is a problem, we just don’t know what it is. So, that’s exciting.

8. I am not supposed to have caffeine, alcohol, meat, fat, fried foods, spicy foods or vigorous exercise for 5-10 days.

9. I had a large vanilla latte this morning. Because it’s Friday. And my special Friday treat is a large vanilla latte. However, apparently there is this magical thing called “decaf” that I could’ve looked into.

10. There is so much work. And so little of Amy. And I am really looking forward to my SD trip next week. I miss my mommy & daddy and my South Dakota bitches. One of whom asked me for shoe buying advice today. Which made me so happy. I love being the shoe know-it-all.

Sorry there was no shoe porn this week. Or any pictures of anything.

I hope you all had a better week than I did.

Day 2

of seven straight days of work.

Friday afternoon, as I was preparing an exciting PowerPoint presentation (with! animation! – although not much, because that’s annoying). My Friday goal was to leave at about 5, get a mani/pedi & some exciting brow waxing (my 10K finishing reward) and then meet my husband for our Friday date night.

But – I was deep in PowerPoint land, and before I knew what was going on, it was closer to 5:30. And I needed to leave NOW! So, I saved & closed my presentation. And it said, “would you like to save your changes?” And I said, “Yes, thank you for asking.” And then it said, “What presentation?” And I said, “What?” It said, “I don’t see any changes.”

And it didn’t! 3 hours of work? *poof gone*

So, that was exciting.

And then, I wasn’t in the mood for pampering. I just wanted to get home for dinner. But, the fun wasn’t over! Oh, no. I got the crazy bus driver lady from hell. She yelled a lot. And drove erratically. And argued with her passengers. I was a bit afraid, as we were going over the St. John’s Bridge, that maybe we would go off the bridge and I would die before I got my relaxing glass of wine.

But, I didn’t. I made it home. And we had tasty food and tasty beverages.

Saturday was all cleaning all the time. We got the rest of the boxes out of the living room – although I currently have five boxes in my office now. I really need to purchase some bookshelves.

We also went to the St. Johns parade on Saturday – it’s only a block away from our house, so it was fun and convenient. Also? there were pirates. It was a very strange, very fun parade.

We had our first house guest Saturday evening. I made salsa chicken, couscous and black bean salad, a loaf of bread, and rhubarb crunch (thanks for the recipe, Mom, it was delicious). I told the guys, “dinner’s at 7.” In my world that means that dinner will be on the table at 7. In my husband’s world, I think that means that dinner will be ready sometime after 7ish, and as long as he’s home in the vicinity of 7, all is good.

Fortunately for them, they walked in at 7:05, so I didn’t even have time to get further in my irritation than the prep work (which involves dire warnings about trouble-levels to the cats). Of course, the first thing the architect’s friend said was, “Oh, so this is why you get a wife.” Which was charmingly 50s of him.

Donna Reed I am Donna Reed.

Although, maybe this is more what he had in mind.

Yesterday morning, in my continuing fit of domesticity, I made muffins. And then went to work. For five hours. To recreate my PowerPoint in all its former glory.

I did nothing last night. Heated up leftovers, and then retired to bed to read until I fell asleep (right around 9, I think).

This morning, I had to be in the office at 7 for db maintenance. And I’m still here at 4. And although I will soon be leaving work, I will not be going home, because apparently I’m a masochist. I am going to my local AAUW installation banquet, and, since I’ve agreed to join the board, I may end up getting installed. All I know is that there will be schnitzel. And that is almost worth it. There may also be wine. That wouldn’t suck.

There is an event on Saturday, and although I only have to work for 3.5 hours of that event, and then get to participate in the fun-ness of the event, it’s still an obligation that’s making me sad on a Monday.


Mother’s Day

Like many women (and men, too, probably), I didn’t always have the best relationship with my mother. The early 90s were especially heinous, if I remember correctly. We fought. We yelled. I was bitchy. She was bitchy. It’s hard to look back with any perspective. I remember her being uncaring and harsh. I’m sure she remembers something completely different.

For much of my teen years, I dreamed of leaving home, getting a job and an apartment and living on my own. Anything would be better than spending another minute under the same roof.

I didn’t, but I did move out almost immediately after high school graduation. A lot of that was due to the fact that my parents were moving in less than a month (to North Dakota) and I didn’t want to go with them – although for as much as I saw my high school friends that summer, I may as well have.

I moved in with a former student of my mother’s. The rent was cheap. That’s really the only positive thing I can say about my living situation.

The next few years were rocky – although definitely better than when we shared a roof. I still enjoyed pushing my mother’s buttons (and I think, although I’m not sure if she would ever admit to it, she might enjoy pushing my buttons a bit).

It’s really only been within the last three years or so that I’ve felt that our relationship has not only gained stability, but become something that I treasure. She’s the first person I want to call when I’m not feeling well. She’s become more than an archetypal conflict figure. She is my friend.

I received many accolades upon the completion of my 10K last week, but the one that I valued the most came in an email:

I am really proud and awe struck! How did I get such a motivated daughter? I wish I could have been there is see this achievement.

Love you lots,


I know that my parents have been proud of many of my achievements, but actually having the words in front of me – where they can’t be distorted by my imperfect memory is priceless.

I’m not good at remembering holidays, sending flowers or cards.

But I wanted everyone to know how much I love my mother.

Mom – I love you. Thank you for everything. I would not be who I am today without your constant support, love and guidance.


House Photos

just a couple pics of the paint job….we’ll be (hopefully) finishing the biggest paint job this weekend….we’ll see.

My Office My Office

Master Bedroom Master Bedroom

That’s about it for now….but more pictures coming soon! We’re actually starting to have a real house.


So, after I’d much such strides in my shoe-addiction recovery, I fell off the wagon last week.

BUT! It wasn’t my fault.

Backstory: A co-worker had come to me the week before to tell me about her exciting new shoes. Apparently, I have developed a reputation. The shoes, they were European, and were sized accordingly. She told me that the website suggested that she was a size 37. “Oh no,” I said. “I’m between a 36 & a 37. You should get a 35 or 36.”

But, she did not bow to my superior shoe knowledge and ordered the 37s. From an online store that charges for shipping BOTH WAYS!

And then, they were too big. So, she offered them to me and my boss – the other small footed people. First, I thought my boss had beat me to them – they were going to do a trade. And, I was a little sad.

But then! The trade shoes did not work, so they were back on the market! And I could not turn them down, for they are cute – and are closer to pointy-toes than anything else I’ve ever owned. They are still a smidge too big, but if I were to get an insole that would keep me from slipping down, I think they’d be delightful.

And – I got them for not too much….

Josef Siebel Faith Mary Janes

I’m not overwhelmed with joy about them – they’re alright. I did need a new pair of Mary Jane’s – the last pair has succumbed to overwear.

Happy shoe porn Wednesday!