finally friday

this week has been an interesting version of hell. Many things happened that I wanted to share with you. But, since I didn’t, you just get a list.

1. Monday’s AAUW installation banquet was much fun. The pre-banquet shoe shopping and the banquet wine may have had something to do with that.

2. Tuesday, I sat next to a woman who smelled like a pre-teen in in 1989 (i.e. me). She had washed in Ivory soap and was wearing grape-scented lip gloss. She was approximately my age. Her clothes were reminiscent of the 80s, as well.

3. Tuesday after work, I finally got my pedicure and waxing. Although I really hate the pedicures, it is nice to have pretty (or at least as pretty as they can be) toes.

4. I also did a little necessary shopping and feel that I can now appropriately welcome summer. I also got to ride with the crazy bus driver lady again. She is just a bad driver, and shouldn’t be allowed to drive buses.

5. It finally happened – after 30 years, I finally became a girl. There was a skirt (*gasp*) and makeup and pedicured toes. I know, I know…who am I? It was almost fun, but it’s gonna take a while to get used to being girly.

6. I learned why you should always, always, always have socks handy. That reason? In case you end up in the hospital unexpectedly. If you don’t have socks, your poor feet will freeze while you’re waiting in the coldest exam room in the history of hospitals. You always hear about the clean underwear thing, but no one ever told me to carry socks. Let that be a lesson.

7. It turns out I will do anything to avoid going to work 7 days in a row, including jumping off the bus (it wasn’t moving) and heading to an ER. Also, it turns out (and this is not a surprise) that almost everyone at the hospital is nicer than the doctors. Also, I am better now. Although there is a problem, we just don’t know what it is. So, that’s exciting.

8. I am not supposed to have caffeine, alcohol, meat, fat, fried foods, spicy foods or vigorous exercise for 5-10 days.

9. I had a large vanilla latte this morning. Because it’s Friday. And my special Friday treat is a large vanilla latte. However, apparently there is this magical thing called “decaf” that I could’ve looked into.

10. There is so much work. And so little of Amy. And I am really looking forward to my SD trip next week. I miss my mommy & daddy and my South Dakota bitches. One of whom asked me for shoe buying advice today. Which made me so happy. I love being the shoe know-it-all.

Sorry there was no shoe porn this week. Or any pictures of anything.

I hope you all had a better week than I did.

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