Not going anywhere, ever again….

Or, if I do make plans to go somewhere, I’m not telling anyone. I was to attend a symposium this morning, and I did go to it. However, there were technical difficulties (although, honestly? I think most of their technical difficulties were due to the ineptitude of the IT guy who made me dumber just by his presence in the same room that I inhabited). So – we all got sent away. Which, no big for most of us. But the woman who drove up from Salem? That’s just sucky.

So – since I was unable to successfully attend any open houses that I tried to go to, and had my Access class canceled (the make-up class actually turned out to be an Excel class), I think it’s time to stop telling people where and when I’m going places. I will use my mad ninja skillz for attending conferences, VBA classes, and researching symposiums. (Hee – that makes me sound like a dork.)

Happy weekend everyone!

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