I am a goddess

just so you know. You may all bow down and worship me and give me pretty things (like shoes, and gin).

Last night, I went for a run. But not just any run! Oh, no. I went for a LONG run. (And by long, I mean, of course, longer than I’ve ever run before – so about 4 miles.)

And I did this run in Washington Park. Which is full of hills. Also trees and flowers. But mostly hills. I did this 4-mile run in 46 minutes. Which may sound slow to you veteran runners. BUT, what this means is that I was running 11.5 minute miles. That is almost a full minute faster than my 5K time 1 1/2 weeks ago. And, since the route is hillier than the 5K route, that means I am seriously kicking some ass.

One year ago, running for 10 minutes was about as much as I can handle. In fact, that seemed a bit much. I’m not sure what inspired me to sign up for the 9/2006 Race for the Cure 5K, but I did it. And I kinda liked it. So, I did it again. Then, it got cold. But all I could think about was when it would be warm enough to run. So, I started running again in January. Then, I got sick. And all I could think about is when I’d feel good enough to run again.

And now? I can’t wait for my next run. I am no longer worried about my ability to run 6.25 miles in one month (from tomorrow!), because I ran 4 miles last night and barely slowed down. So one month to add 2.25 miles? No problem.

The architect suggested that I join a running group, but I’m really happier not doing that. I love running alone – nothing but my iPod for company. And I’m excited to finally complete a good running mix. Because in 3.5 years I will be running a marathon, and that’s likely to require a very long playlist.

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