Monday Lists

I love to make lists, and it makes me feel better about my disjointed posts if I do them in list form.

1) It was all cold & windy & yucky today, so I did not run. I am, however, headed home for a 45 minute elliptical ride.

2) Tomorrow, I am going to a gin tasting. Because my friends are cool.

3) Mondays are just not fun. Why is that?

4) The weekend was pretty good. It was a lot of fun to see some LA friends again, although the fun was tempered with some bad news that you never expect to hear.

5) Friday afternoon proved to me why people put up with the cold, dark, damp winters. It was the most perfect day I have yet experienced. Doesn’t look like this week is going to beat that.

6) I am starting a new running training plan on Wednesday. I am doing that 10K in May, but decided, as a way to push myself, that I am going to train for a half-marathon in October.

7) I want to take swimming lessons, but I can’t find any adult swimming classes NOT for beginners and people afraid of putting their faces in the water. I just need technique instruction, but don’t want to shell out for private lessons. Unless I get some hot, young Olympic swimming champion or something. ‘Cause that would be worth it. (Or maybe not – I’m not sure I want any hot young things to see me in a swimming suit.)

8) We are headed to Seattle on Friday, which is very exciting, because I’ve never been before.

9) We close on our house in 11 days. Then, no more living in an apartment where the police ask us to look at pictures and then kindly wait for us to go away before they knock on our neighbors’ door. ‘Cause that was fun.

10) I’m not sure I really have a #10, but it’s a much nicer list-rounder-out number than 9.

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