It’s a dark day for shoe buyers…

Well, it was a party-cloudy day for me, anyway. Remember the Steve Madden’s? The ones that didn’t fit, that I sent back to be replaced with two more pairs of shoes? The finally arrived back yesterday.

And only one of my chosen shoes are being shipped to me. The others, the very cute brown wedges are all sold out in my size. And not just at Shoe Mall, which has to be one of the suckiest online shoe stores ever – even though the prices are pretty good – but everywhere.

So now my search for cute brown wedge sandals has resumed. Cute brown wedge sandals that do not cost more than $40. But that should cost more than $40. I want some great, expensive shoes for cheap, is basically what I’m saying. Why is that so hard? And also, why does size six sell out before sizes 7 & 8? I thought that 7 & 8 were the most common feet sizes…doesn’t that mean that my size should last longer? Something is askew with the world.

Work is hella busy – we are starting the crazy time, apparently.

Running has been good this week – I am really enjoying spring. First race of the season is Sunday – which is also very exciting. The architect asked me Monday evening if I was ready (I’m doing a 5K), and I said, “well, yeah…it’s only 3 miles. I can definitely run 3 miles.” And then, I died a little, because I never thought I’d be that person. And now? 5Ks aren’t enough. My next race will be a 10K. Because I find it necessary to run more than 3 miles at a time. I think it’s a sickness. Possibly it can be cured with liberal applications of martinis and (goat) cheese. Somebody save me!

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