House-Free Weekend

This will be the first weekend in I don’t know how long that we are not doing house stuff. Except for the fact that one of the sellers has disappeared off the face of the earth, things seem to be going well. We signed our loan papers yesterday, we signed all sorts of things on Wednesday, I think I may have signed away the souls of my cats last weekend.

So – this weekend. I am going to clean EVERYTHING! And then, I am getting my hair cut. And picking up my race packet for Sunday’s 5K. And then, I’m running a 5K – and then I’m having a beer. 🙂 Sunday night is tattoo night, so that’s cool, too.

I’m not planning on resting or anything, if that’s what you’re wondering.

I think I might pull the boxes out of storage and start packing – because I enjoy traumatizing our already psycho cats. And boxes frighten them. Especially boxes that have things in them. For they are weird.

Have a good weekend!

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