Best weekend ever!

Or at least, one of the best.

Friday evening, I was at roots with a friend and an architect. Very good beer and not too bad apeptizer-like foods. After the friend left, the architect and I went to a local dive bar for actual dinner.

Saturday was pretty mellow. In a manner of speaking, anyway. The architect had to work, and I stayed home and lazed about. And by lazed, I mean that I did six loads of laundry, washed dishes, cleaned the bathroom, washed floors, packed three boxes, got groceries, picked up my race packets, got new running shoes – and got hit on by the guy who sold them to me, and picked up 75% of the dry-cleaning. So, you know, mellow.

Sunday morning, I ran the Bridge2Bridge with my friend from work.

Pre-Race chilliness

It was a bit damp & chilly. Fortunately, the pouring rain stopped just as the race started.

I finished the race, averaging a 12 minute mile (which is over one minute faster than my first race), and never once had to slow to a walk. I could’ve gone faster, too, but I was seriously pacing myself. I was so afraid of not being able to run the whole thing.

It was awesome. My friend did the 10K, and finished with an average speed of 9.5 minutes/mile – which is really awesome. Then, we had free pizza and beer.

Then, the architect and I went out to breakfast.

The rest of the day was spent lounging – I tried to take a nap, but it didn’t so much work out for me. I did get a lot of Buffy watched, though.

Sunday evening was tattoo time – and it is so pretty. I got my ink at Infinity Tattoo from Aaron, and I couldn’t be happier.

Isn’t it awesome? I am such a bad-ass. Between the running high and the tattoo high, it was a pretty good day – although I was wiped out last night.

I’m a bit sore today, but did go on a 50-minute walk through the hills at lunch, so I am feeling much better now.

(Also? Now I want another tattoo….and then another one. It’s a bit addictive, I think.)

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