energy suck

You’ve met those people…the ones that have the ability to suck your life out without even trying. I doubt that most people even know they do it.

But yesterday, I met one. At my work, we are interviewing for a new hire – and I have the joy of sitting on that committee. Out of the five people we brought in for 1st round interviews, four were terrific. The fifth? Made me wish I was wearing stilettos so that I could either kill our hapless interviewee, or put myself and my colleagues out of our misery.

Oh people, it was terrible. Even the simplest of questions elicited a 15-minute response. And not a good 15 minute response (for I am a fan of logorrhea – but relatively pointed logorrhea – like right now – and not in an interview). The person wouldn’t stop talking. Even when gently interrupted and redirected.

When it was all over, we could only look at each other, exhausted. What do you even say about something like that? The interviewee had used up all available words for the rest of the day – taking not only their own share, but ours as well.

Fortunately, this is not a person we’ll have to deal with on a daily basis – but I’ve known people like this before…and wonder how does one deal with this kind of energy vortex if forced? I am not a nice person, and can’t imagine dealing well. Does anyone have some good stories? (Or advice for a good salon…except not Kalista, apparently…)

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