already workin’ for the weekend

I am so tired today. Part of it may the run I did at lunchtime – the run that convinced me that my running partner wants me dead. We ran up a hill so steep that I think at one point it actually tilted backwards.

The weekend was pretty good. We had a successful home inspection on Saturday – so we are one step closer to home ownership. All paperwork has been signed on both sides, and now it’s just a waiting game. We anticipate closing will be April 20. Which is one month from tomorrow. It’s a beautiful home, but I don’t want to talk about it too much. I just want the process to be over so that we can move in.

Saturday night I went to a party at my cousin’s. Although there was allegedly dancing, most people were hanging out in the yard, enjoying the mild weather, the doggy antics, and the home-made beer that my very talented cousin made. I have got to learn how to brew my own beer – that stuff was good.

I did pretty well at the party – I even talked to a couple of strangers. The architect is much better at that stuff that me….which is why I bring him places!

Sunday was a relatively busy day, too. I went to buy a new pair of dress pants (needed after my only two other pairs were destroyed by my cat – the cat that may end up being a lovely fur accessory one of these days if he doesn’t shape up), and also managed to finally make my tattoo appointment – so next Sunday evening, I will be getting some new ink! I am very excited, as I’ve wanted a second tat for almost 10 years now. (ha ha, mom! just kidding!) As soon as I have some decent pics, I’ll post those.

Sunday evening was a mellow time with mellow movie watching. Life is, after all, pretty good 🙂

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