dance dance revolution

Today is getting close to be over. Which is good, because I might fall asleep at any moment.

This week was long. And stressful. And busier than anticipated. Tomorrow should be a nice, long day. We have a super-secret meeting at 9 AM – and that could go until nearly noon.

Then, tomorrow night, we are going to a party. A dance party, in fact. I’m a little nervous, as I don’t actually dance, but it’s at my cousin’s place, so that should be fun.

It’s funny about my cousin. We always lived very very far apart whilst growing up – in Bellingham, WA for a lot of the time, actually. She’s a couple of years older than me, and about 3-4 years before I moved to Los Angeles, she moved to Oakland. I saw her there twice in the seven years that we were in the same state. And we like each other and we get along, but we’ve never been close.

Then, the architect and I moved to Portland. And, not three months later, she moved to Portland with her boyfriend. So – we have now lived in the exact same city for five months now (although, to be fair, she was in Europe for one of those five months), and guess how many times we’ve seen each other? Go ahead, guess! If you guessed once, you’d win the grand prize. She came to the wedding party. Shortly after that, she left for Europe.

And then, the excuses started. As many of you know, I hate calling people. Even people I like. I suck at staying in touch. So, she got back from Europe, and I wanted to give her some time to rest up and recover. Then, it was Christmas – a terrible time to bother people. Certainly not a time for family to get in touch. Then, I had surgery and was ill (probably the only semi-legitimate excuse there was), then it had been so long, and I’m sure by now she’s changed her number.

So finally I called her this week. And it was still her number. And then, she called me back. And now? I’m going to a party at her place tomorrow night. A party with dancing. (My officemate has been teasing me with horror stories about dance, dance revolution….and tells me that there will likely be people at this party, and it’s possible I will be expected to talk to them….whatever….I’m totally a social butterfly.)

I will take pictures, because the internets should not be deprived of pictures of me dancing. There is really nothing quite like it in the whole world.

Happy weekend, people. And maybe, on Monday, I’ll tell you a secret.

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