I’m certain I have interesting weekend plans, or that something interesting has happened to me last night or perhaps today….but for the life of me, the only thing I can think of is that I got all my money back from the bank debacle and an apology from Sarah at the bank. So – that’s good, then.

I did an abbreviated run today – only two miles. My shoes are in such bad shape that it hurts, hurts, hurts my feet to run. I’m going to take the new evil running shoes back tomorrow and hopefully get some that actually take my pronation and arch issues into account (something I thought was happening last time) – because if I keep running in such crappy shoes, I’m going to get an injury – and no one wants that.

I’m working on my running mix – and got so many awesome suggestions. I’m hoping to cajole a couple of mixed CDs out of Brad & Kris. I need to check my at home CD collection first, though, to see what I do and don’t have.

Drinks tonight….then maybe some Greek food. Tomorrow, no real plans – I’ll probably try to finish up last weekend’s cleaning extravaganza. Sunday, I’m running another 5K…because I’m crazy like that.

So – you know – moderately busy 🙂

Next weekend, however, our good friends Sue & Alan are going to be in town so that’s very exciting! YAY! I just wish that we were going to be in the house already…then we’d have a place for them to stay. Ah, well – I’m sure we’ll be all moved in before we even know what happens (21 days…).

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