Stupid Banks

About three months ago, I was at my bank to get a cashier’s check to pay for my car repairs. At that time, the teller was all like, “hey! your account is eligible for an upgrade since you have direct deposit, would you like this upgrade? it’s free. it will take five minutes.” and I was all, “okay.”

So – I got the upgrade, and the only benefit to this free upgrade is automatic overdraft protection. My checking account is now protected from overdrafts by my available savings account balance. So, imagine my surprise when I logged into my account this morning (I check every day) and see that my account is overdrawn $144. That is odd, because I don’t have anything outstanding except a $78 check. And I have a couple of hundred dollars in my savings. Oh look, my savings still has a couple of hundred dollars in it. And the $144 negative number? Because in addition to the $78 check, I have $68 of overdraft fees.

So, correct me if I’m wrong, but shouldn’t my bank have initiated an automatic transfer of the amount I was short to cover the check? Since those funds were available. And because I signed forms and shit saying I wanted it all set up.

Stupid banks. They better give me my money back, or I will go to my local branch and have a few words with Sarah who keeps calling me now (we had such a good chat in January about overdraft protection) to convince me that I want even more protection with a line of credit (which I don’t – especially since even the simple protections don’t seem to work).

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