because I cannot leave well enough alone

I am messing with my template again. I really want my new masthead up, but am working on some sizing issues currently. Also? I am just stupid in some areas and don’t know how to fix my brain. For I cannot understand the language de programming. Anything beyond HTML just makes me hurt….and I go to sites that are supposed to help me, but I can’t understand them, either. I want just a few things in life. I want my own masthead which, when clicked on, will take you back to my homepage. I want that masthead to be of an appropriate size.

I want to be able to share my current book with anyone, like E on Stories About Wolves (can you tell me the plugin you’re using again?) – however, when I install the AMM plugin, I get errors, and then, it doesn’t show up anyways.

I want to add fun things to my sidebar – such as the little map of all my viewers, for that is a fun tool.

And, I want to be able to modify fonts, placements, and colors at will. Something that I cannot currently do.

Blah….so many things I want to do….so few of them tied up with this website.

I’m working on my grand list. Because I love lists. My 30 things to do in my 30s list. Because I also like symmetry. Also, I better retire by my 50s, or else perhaps have smaller projects, because otherwise I’m going to be awfully busy with 50 big things then.

Still feeling yucky, as you can probably tell by the rambling and abrupt subject changes. However, death would be less welcome today than yesterday. So that’s progress, right?

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