I am in the process of migrating my blog to a different, hopefully more responsive host – so if there is some downtime, that’s why.

Also? I am out of the office all day on Tuesday at a training event, so likely there will be no posting.

So – to tide you over. The weekend was pretty good. Friday I had my naturopath appt, and I think I’m a little in love with my doctor. She poked needles in me, and it felt nice. Yay for acupuncture. Also, she gave me some fun herbal supplements, including ox bile. Which sounds gross. But, it does help me digest fat, which is good, because I am losing weight a bit too quickly due to my inability to eat.

Friday evening we just chilled at home – hopefully we will soon start date night eating out activities again.

Saturday we looked at six houses – two of which were so bad (in very different ways) that I was afraid they were going to give me nightmares. I am working on more description, and will share. Because it is necessary to share.

Only two were good enough to consider, and one that we weren’t positive about had an offer, which meant that we were right to think it wasn’t the house for us. I refuse to say anything further about the other one. Just in case.

Saturday night we watched some MST:3K and had low-fat Indian food (which was delicious).

Sunday, the architect went to work and left me at home all day. So, I did what all Americans were doing – I watched TV. More specifically? I watched seventy-billion episodes of What Not to Wear. I realized that I have a pair of pants that I actually wear to work that would cause Stacy to roll her eyes and possibly get violent. And that makes me embarrassed.

I think I am finally able to start knitting again as the perforated veins (or whatever) are finally healing enough that I can bend my wrists.

So – things are still busy, but at least yesterday was mellow. Now – I must go home to try out the elliptical. I’ve only used it once since it arrived a month ago because of all the illness, and I’m getting a bit anxious.

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