stupid training

I was supposed to be in Access training today. I was, in all my geeky splendour, looking forward to it. However, when I arrived, there was no Access class. Instead of an Advanced Access class, I had been enrolled in a Basic Excel class. Which I don’t need. Which I could probably teach in my sleep. So, I went to work. Now, I am hoping to do an Access class on Feb 28. They promise that there is an Advanced Access class on that day and that I am, in fact, enrolled in it. Which is great. Because, other than it’s proximity to DSW, there seems to be no other reason to go to Tigard.

So – I’m still migrating. Having a bit of trouble with that. The customer service at my new host is amazing, though. Much more responsive than Yahoo. As in, they actually respond. Just resolving some remaining issues, and hopefully all will be good by tomorrow.

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