back in business

I’m not sure what happened…everything went ker-plooey. I tried to fix it. I tried to contact customer support – but almost two weeks w/o my blog was not fun. So – I deleted everything and started over. Which sucks – because so many entries are now lost forever. I have, however, learned the value of frequent backing up.

So – happy new year. I hope that everyone had a safe and happy NYE celebration. Mine was good – the architect and I just hung out and drank and watched TV and played games. New Year’s Day was a wasted day. We went to breakfast, and I was served a ‘shroom omelet. Although I only took one bite of the omelet before noticing that instead of mushroom-free as I’d requested, it was mushroom-filled, it still wasn’t good. I did get a whole new breakfast, the cook was reprimanded, and everything was free (so that was a bonus), but two benedryl later, and I was just wiped out for the rest of the day. We ended up taking my breakfast home, so I could eat it later, and I just laid on the couch all day watching Buffy. Which is what I was planning to do anyway, so I guess it all worked out.

I am going to try to work on the customization over the next few weeks, because right now, this is just a boring, generic blog. I need categories! And colors! And gazelles! And links!

So – here’s to a good 2007 for everyone, especially for my blog 🙂

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