Working Out My Issues

I’ve managed to recreate all my April 2006 entries, and will be able to get about 75% of all former entries back – but none of my the pictures – they are all gone, gone, gone 🙁 All the shoe porn has disappeared.

Of course, all the comments are gone, too. That makes me sad. I still haven’t figured out how to alter the side bar – because I’d like to put my favorite blogger links back up. I’m sure there’s a way – but I don’t know what it is. I’ve left WordPress behind and am now working w/ Movable Type – and although it’s all fancy & stuff, I don’t know how to work the fancy.

I am preparing to go running. In the rain. Because I am running a 10K on March 24. And that is just 2.5 months away (and, incidentally, one month after I turn 30). And then another on May 6. I am, apparently, crazy.

I made 10 New Year’s resolutions – something I haven’t done in a while. And, I would like to share them. Because I am an exhibitionist like that.

1. figure out how to get that $700 that is owed to me for some freelancing I did
2. buy a house
3. get rid of the car that is nothing but a money suck
4. run a 10K
5. ride a 1/2 century
6. renew my passport in case I need to flee the country
7. stop worrying about finances so much
8. learn how to make lefse (mom – I’m looking at you for this one)
9. get another tattoo (ha ha! just kidding mom; just think about #8 some more)
10. do something that scares me (i’ll work at defining this more later – I just needed a tenth resolution; 10 is a good round number).

My real resolution is to find a way to make the sun come up earlier in the winter in Portland. It is so very dark in the mornings.

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