culture break

American Psycho is not appropriate lunch time reading. Just so you know.

Need to go running tonight. It is over 40 degrees (which is my criteria for the outdoor activities).

Tomorrow night, I am swimming, I think. Might as well use the pool at my gym.

I can feel a migraine building. I don’t know when it will hit, but my teeth are starting to ache. Any tips on prevention?

For our holiday gift exchange, my officemate received a Haiku word magnet set. We had much fun. Then, in a burst of inspiration, I brought in my Shakespeare word magnets that I’ve had for years (which is probably why there is only one “thou” and the “et” is missing). Today, we got all crazy and ordered the “Genius” word magnet set from Magnetic Poetry. The only rule is that all use of the word magnets must be in haiku form. We are having fun. So much fun, in fact, that I am going to share the haikus with you all.

Beware damned errors
Frailty thy name is RE*
Why dost thou plague me?

*the abbreviation for the database I administrate – two letters, two syllables.

Canst thou be mercy?
unkindest merchant rotten
thine toil, ’tis nothing
(composed, by my officemate, in honor of the car repair people I am working with)

No breath beneath the
concrete refrigerator
the dead woman smiled
(that one’s mine – I have been reading American Psycho)

she always whispered
to the harvest moon as the
thunder howled wildly
(not mine – thunder doesn’t howl)

sad my friend must be
mushroom morning blooméd so
cold upon her skin
(another written in honor of my ‘shroom allergy)

wet dandelion
blossom spring green between song
before summer dawn
(my officemate is quite prolific)

I know, I know – you’re welcome

This culture break brought to you by the letters ‘X’ and ‘Q’ and by the number 13.

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