Kittens and Rainbows and Fluffy Little Duckies

I’m working on positive mental attitude. So far, without success.

Today, although is started off very very nicely, has quickly gone downhill. First, I was running late, although still smiley, so I wasn’t complaining too much. Then, my train was stopped for awhile because the police were arresting someone on a train ahead of mine. And apparently, for some reason, they didn’t want the trains running while making the arrest. Whatever.

Then, when I finally got to work, there was the sudden realization that it was 8:45, and I had an 8:30 meeting. So I ran in, late, babbling about police action and apologies.

Then, I realized that I had not remembered the Diet Coke. Nor did I have any money. Between my 8:30 & 9:30 meetings, I had to borrow money from a co-worker so I could buy a diet coke. She cracked jokes about being an enabler. Whatever.

Then, things got busy. I did take an hour lunch break and read my current book – “Lucky” by Alice Sebold, which makes me cringe and feel uncomfortable, but is also really, really good.

So – that’s where I am so far. Tonight, we are going somewhere new to dinner in Lake Oswego. I’m not sure why or where, but the architect knows, so I bow to his superior Lake Oswego knowledge.

Tomorrow, we are planning on playing in the snow, unless it’s raining. I even borrowed a pair of mittens from a friend who was horrified by my lack of winter wardrobe.

The dark, it is still here. I’m not sure how to move past it. But, it is better than last week. I don’t think I’ve cried on Brad even once this week. In fact, excepting the small tear-fest when Spike and Anya died on the last episode of Buffy (yes, I know that’s weird – what I don’t know is why I share it), I’ve been relatively tear-free this entire week.

Tomorrow is my dad’s birthday. I know he’s not reading this week, but happy birthday Dad. I love you very much.

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