Is It Really Monday Already?

The weekend, it was not long enough. Not that they ever are, but this one seemed especially short.

Friday evening, the architect and I went to Lake Oswego (to a place called Manzana or something) for dinner. The martinis were freaking awesome. Yum. I had the soup and salad, and it was good. Quite possibly the best house salad I’ve ever had. There was gorgonzola and everything.

Then, we had dessert, but I can’t talk about it yet – just know that it was pie, and as soon as I get the picture off the architect’s camera phone, I’ll tell you all about it.

Saturday, I went running. Which was good, because it had been about a month. And it made me happier. Also, I’m running a 10K in just over 3 months, so it was very very good that I get started on the running again now, because it sure doesn’t take long to lose you ability to run 5 whole Ks in a row. And now? my ankles, as well as various other body parts, hurt.

Then, there were groceries. We did not go play in the snow. I was less sad, but there was a fun evening at home, and we finally finished all our thank you cards from the wedding. Of course, I did not so much actually buy stamps this weekend, so umm….they are still on my desk at home.

Sunday was my first ‘volunteer at the library’ day. It was very very cool, although I kind of wish I hadn’t volunteered to be there at 9 every Sunday morning, for that is kinda early.

After I returned from the library, we went out for pizza and beer, and then went to an open house. We had intended to go to a specific open house, one recommended by my friend. However, on the way to that open house, we stumbled across another one and decided to stop. And then I fell in love. With the most perfect house in the world – which is only a bit (read: $100,000) out of our previous agreed upon price range. And then, I wished that I could sell my eggs or my ovaries or a kidney or something so that we could afford the most perfect house in the world. So – if anyone needs a kidney, let me know. I’d sell the eggs & ovaries, but the $5 they’d fetch probably wouldn’t even cover the back-alley organ removal fee, so that’s out.

I’m sure we did other stuff, but the only other thing worth mentioning is that when we returned home Friday evening, there was a note taped to our door informing us that many storage spaces in the complex had been broken into, and we should go check ours. Of course, the rooms that house the storage spaces (and the laundry) are only open between 8 & 8 every day. Which is annoying if you actually want to do laundry when you get home from work. Anyways, we went and checked it on Saturday, and indeed, ours was one that had been broken into. They didn’t steal the mountain bike, or the hard drive – but they took a CD/RW drive and two cans of spraypaint. Mostly, the storage space is full of broken down cardboard boxes that we are holding on to until we move into our house.

Also – it was my dad’s birthday on Saturday, so I got to talk to him, too.

There was also the realization that for the first time in years, I did not finish my holiday shopping by Dec. 10. In fact, the only people who have had gifts purchased have been my sister & my husband. So – I should really get on that. Some people might be getting Martin Luther King, Jr. presents this year. But don’t despair! I promise that eventually, your gifts will arrive. Hopefully in time for Christmas 2007.

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