How do YOU get back in whack?

For, I am out of whack. That was the conclusion reached by myself and my architect this weekend. I am broken, hopefully not totalled, but it may have been better for the architect if he’d looked for a better model. Whatever – he had me for four years pre-wedding, and had plenty of time to return me to the shelves. HA! He’s stuck with me now.As for the out of whack – I am still looking forward to the magical appointment next week which will cure me of every physical & mental issue, real and imagined. Also, I’m hoping to discover a cure for cancer and the magical answer that will effectively create world peace. I have high hopes for this woman. I’m not sure how I could possibly be disappointed with such high expectations.

Perhaps I should lower my expectations. Maybe all that will happen is that I will be poorer and have to drink some horrific herbal tea that will do nothing except hone my gag reflex.

Is there a middle ground? there must be, somewhere. Maybe I should go look for it.

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