Full of the Holiday Spirit

or something.

Friday was the work party. Good food. Good booze. After the party, a co-worker and I went to Powell’s to buy presents, and then walked to Lint to ogle the yarn. By then, it was after 4, and we’d walked miles, and our buzzes were almost gone. So we went to Emanon’s (or something) and drank martinis and waited for men to come get us. Then, we went to Rogue – for the food (and beer). And then, it was 10.

One tiny headache later, and it was Saturday. I baked all day Saturday. We ended up with well over 200 cookies. Saturday night, and only two break-downs later, we went to the fancy-schmancy architect party at the Portland Art Museum. It was the fanciest party I’ve ever been to. Formal wear. Good food. Free drinks. Belly dancers. Not enough chairs for everyone, which sucked a lot. We didn’t stay long. It was hard with that many people.

The architect was greeted and lauded by no fewer than two principals of his firm – a firm that, from the looks of it – employs well over seventeen million people. He’s a rising star in the architecture world.

Also, I found out (via my dear friend Brad, who was googling me for some unknown reason) that I placed 20th in the Writer’s Digest 2006 contest in the mainstream literature field. So – that is pretty cool. There were 9 categories, and something like 40,000 entrants, so that means I’m in the top 180 people. Or something. So – yay for me. I sent out an email to brag about it last night. So, I am a star, too.

Yesterday, I worked at the library. That is a lot of fun, but there is also a lot of heavy lifting. So – it’s like the strength-training portion of a workout. I lift book bins – which (according to a librarian) weigh an average of 44 pounds apiece. Yesterday, I moved 11 book bins – so don’t mess with me – ‘cause I am very very strong.

After the library, and the lounging, we headed out on a quest for another present. We found the present, a fun little neighborhood, and some decent Mexican Food.

Last night we watched “Thank You For Smoking,” which was quite enjoyable. Then we wrapped presents and got a couple of boxes ready to ship out.

I have two more packages to ship tomorrow (one to my mom & sister and one to a friend for her birthday), and then I’m done.

Except not really. I haven’t gotten gifts for any of my friends yet. Because I’ve decided that it really means more if they get gifts in January. Means more to my sanity, anyways. I think we finally have almost all our wedding thank you cards out, and that can only mean it’s time to start sending out holiday greetings.

I hope everyone survives this week. And next. And, if anyone is in the area and would like to come over for eggnog and cookies, let me know.

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