My Life is Boring

Although I am now (for those of you keeping track) 98% done with my holiday shopping, and have only three more packages to send. None of which will get where they need to be by the time they need to be there. I did get the all-important birthday gift sent out, and it should arrive by Friday, at the latest.

So – the excitement is overwhelming, isn’t it?

I myself am having a hard time containing my excitement.

I don’t even have any good book reviews. I read “Lucky” by Alice Sebold, and although it was a wonderfully-written book, I don’t think I can do it justice in a review – too raw and painful.

I also just read “Broken Prey” (which you all would know if my stupid Amazon plug-in would work), which was a fun serial-killer book. Not terribly well-written (although certainly not bad), but entertaining. The promised twist at the end wasn’t all that twisty, but it was a good, serial-killer read.

I started a new biography today – but am not impressed yet. It’s a bit too into the ‘scholarly’ aspect, and forgot about the ‘interesting’ part of writing. It’s very informative, at least.

How’s everyone else? Any good stories?



I am just finishing Birds of America by Lorrie Moore. While I agree she’s a great writer, most of the stories left me kind of depressed.

Somewhere previous to that I read The Razor’s Edge by Somerset Maugham. It was great.


I finished On Beauty the other night, but I’ve been too busy/tired/migrainey to update my site. I will soon, promise. It was very good.

Was the Prey book one of John Sanford’s? I had to read one of those in college for my class on the detective story. He’s much better than most of that genre. (And yes, that was the most awesomest class ever!)

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