Rainy Days & Mondays

Seems like there’s been an overabundance of both, lately. However, from what I understand, the rain is expected to continue for several months and I should just get over it. Also, no end in sight for Mondays, either.

The three-day weekend was good, although less productive than I had planned. Friday, I finished knitting the architect’s scarf (photos to come soon, probably – I just need him to pose).

I met up with the architect at Doug Fir. I am now seriously in love with that place. They made excellent martinis, and then, there was dinner. I had trout and mashed potatoes, and oh, it was like heaven. The food it was so good that it’s hard to describe without superlatives and profanity. I want to eat the trout every day, but, as it was a bit more expensive than I prefer to spend on my usual dinners, I will probably have to resist. But I loved it there. And, it is now #2 on the list of good places to have martinis in Portland. Well, maybe #3. #1 is Amy’s Casa, a small, charming little bistro specializing in bottled microbrews, martinis and miniature bottles of liquor. Also, bastardized Greek food is a frequent kitchen specialty.

Saturday, nothing happened. I got approximately 2 hours of sleep Friday night, so I was grumpy on Saturday. I could not do any sleeping, and it was disturbing. I started a new knitting project that incorporated more advanced skills (purling!). We bought groceries. I stayed up until 3 am. Because again, with the insomnia. It hurts. 4 hours of sleep on Saturday night.

Sunday, we went to Powell’s. We drank coffee. I worked on my nanowrimo project. The architect bought some architecture books. Then, we stopped at Knit/Purl so I could buy stitch markers. And guess what? On Thursday nights, they have a stitch ‘n’ sip evening where you can drink champagne and ask questions about knitting. How cool is that? I may have to try that out once a month or so.

Then we had lunch at Jake’s. Nothing on their menu excited me. I ended up with the macaroni & cheese (first time I’ve ever ordered that in a restaurant, I think) and some sweet potato & leek soup. Both were good. The soup was excellent. The mac & cheese was mac & cheese. Hard to go wrong with that. It too forever to get our food. The waiter (who looked exactly like this guy I went to college with) blamed the sandwich maker (the architect did have a sandwich), and offered free dessert. We ended up with pumpkin cheesecake which was fine (although if I had chosen, it would have been the marionberry pie – because I have a pie obligation to the American public). Nothing special. But good. And also really freaking slow. How long does it really take to cut a free piece of cheesecake and drop some walnuts on it?

Anyways – the food was fine. Nothing to salivate over later or anything (mmmm….trout and mashed potatoes), but fine.

So – that was my weekend. Last night we had some wind. Lots and lots of wind. And also? Only 4 hours of sleep. Which is a grand total of 10 hours of sleep in three nights. And I am one of those people who really prefers to have 10 hours of sleep in one night. I love sleep. I need sleep. Eight hours are really the minimum for me. I am tired now. But I am worried that at 10 pm tonight, I will no longer be tired. I am going to the gym after work to try to reinforce the tired.

I also finished a couple of books (reading) last week that I want to share with everyone, but I have to get back to work, so you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the Book-It reviews on “Oryx & Crake” and “The Dive From Clausen’s Pier.” I’m going to try to read something happy next.

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