Crazy Days

My office moved yesterday. It was a day early, so I wasn’t prepared. My office mate & I are in a new space, that will someday be a cubicle. Not yet, though. Currently, we are in an open space in the middle of everything. Makes things kinda hard. Not as much fun. Loud. Not really conducive to working.

By Monday, we are to have cubicle walls, which will be a definite improvement. No door, though. No shutting out the sounds of construction in other parts of the building.

It’s kinda crazy. I haven’t actually worked in a cube since early 2002. It is the only less good part of my job so far, though – and one I knew was going to happen.

Love the job, still. Just finding it hard to focus today. I feel more like an exhibit than an employee.

I get tomorrow off, though. I have a lot of things that need catching up on, so hopefully, I can feel productive, and finish the architect’s scarf, too.

And sleep. A lot.

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