Now that I’m an old married lady

Things are pretty much exactly the same. I have a new ring that I wear on a finger that’s never had rings before.

I am only working two days this week, but I expect that’s not a regular perk of being married, only of getting married, and although next week is also shortened (yay for Veterans Day!), soon enough, I will have to work FIVE WHOLE DAYS IN A ROW!!!!!!

The architect is still the architect. Which is good. I would be terribly disappointed if we’d woken up yesterday morning and he’d been an engineer or something.

My family left yesterday, and no matter how okay I am with living a few states away from them (and indeed, we haven’t resided in the same state at the same time since 1995, when they moved to North Dakota, not returning to South Dakota until after I moved to Los Angeles), I hate saying goodbye to them. I get all teary and choked up. My parents are great. And I’m not just saying that because they read this. It’s all true. It was great to have them here for my wedding.

Other things that haven’t changed:

1. The shower still doesn’t get hot enough to warm me up at 6 AM

2. The architect is still not a morning person.

3. I still like knitting, and will be knitting with others starting next week.

4. The cats still demand that we give them more food than they need, and my baby Darwin still likes to sleep under the covers with me.

Things that have changed:

1. I have a husband and in-laws.

2. People have stopped asking when we’re getting married and started asking when we’re breeding (answer: unless something unforeseen happens in the next two years to change both of our minds, never)

3. I’m better at housework and laundry (ha ha! just kidding. I’m just not adequate housewife material, unless your idea of a housewife is someone who knits, watches tv, cooks occasionally [when she’s not too busy reading or writing] and tries to eliminate dirt & grime with the power of the Force).

So, nothing has changed. Although, apparently it has leaked out that I like martinis, and have, so far, received ten martini glasses as wedding presents. Ten is the perfect number of martini glasses, and I wouldn’t want any fewer, but I kinda hope we don’t get any more. We also got a kick-ass bar set (thanks Marcy, Sara & Steph) that I have needed wanted for ages.

Presents are fun. However, checks that come made out to Amy “Architect’s last name” are NOT funny. I will never be “Mrs. Joe Smith”. So stop with the jokes, already.

However, I am married, and that is good. Life is good. I am so happy.

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