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It was a good weekend. Friday evening, the architect and I went to a non-profit event – a soup contest! I love soup. I wish I was a better soup maker – I have grand soup aspirations.

The reason we were invited was because one of my coworker’s husband is a soup chef competing in the contest, and his company bought a table. And then, no one from his company wanted to go. So she recruited coworkers and friends.

It was a very good time. We got to taste 14 soups (although I abstained from 3; 1 because of mushroom and 2 because of creepy seafood) and vote with dollars for our favorite. In addition, there was a food expert judge (and he chose the aforementioned soup chef as the winner). After the soup, there was a dinner (and a semi-open bar), a live auction, and a program.

All in all, a good time was had by all, and it was my first social outing in Portland – so yay!

Saturday we went running – although we only did a mile because we were big wussies. We got a lot done on Saturday, including some significant cleaning, emptying and storing of things that we hadn’t yet gotten around to after the move, and finally hanging up the last of the art/photos that were leaning against walls.

Sunday I dyed my hair and replaced my windshield wipers (now I’m ready for the rain) and washed/vacuumed my car (which hadn’t been done since I moved here, which was sad, because there was kitty litter in the trunk and potting soil all over the back seat).

I didn’t get everything done that I wanted, but I got a lot done, and still had time to make a fantabulous dinner last night (feta-stuffed chicken), watch some Buffy, and drink some good wine. That is a good Sunday.

Also, and this is the part that will thrill you all the most, I found seven pairs of shoes to feature for the next seven Wednesdays – as a token of my love for you. Those shoes are all linked and downloaded and ready for display (since I cannot download, link, or even look at shoes from work, my primary blogging location).

Yesterday, I got to talk to a friend for the first time in decades – and that was nice. I suck as a phone call maker, I don’t call people back, even when I want to, and I don’t know why. That’s why IM is my friend. However, I can’t have Yahoo Messenger at work, and I hardly ever log in after work. So – it’s only MSN messenger for me.

In other news – this is my last week as a single person. I am very much looking forward to being married, and the nervousness gets less every day. The weather forecast is looking pretty good, too (high in the upper 50’s, only a 30% chance of rain).

Things that haven’t been taken care of yet don’t matter. We have the important things: marriage license, officiant, family, clothes, rings, umbrellas, and most importantly, new shoes.

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