Although, I don’t think there will be martinis tonight, because I was invited to go to a thing! A fun thing that I will tell you all about later. Invited by people who are not the architect! People I work with. The architect was also invited, so don’t worry that he’ll be sitting home all alone on date night.

I am so excited that I will be doing something socially with people! People who I am not marrying in 11 days. Eleven days is not very long. Which is good, right? I mean, yay! for marriage?

I’m really glad this week is over. I think next week will be better. And next Friday (one week from today) my parents and sister will be here. They’ve never been to Portland before, so that is very very cool. Also, just to make everyone with a water/bridge phobia feel better – there are no bridges or water in Portland. Really! It’s true. I promise. And even if there were, we would never ever ever go over any bridges over water.

******************ABRUPT SUBJECT CHANGE******************

I want to go back to school. A lot. In fact, I have wanted to go back to school since about October 1999 – five months after graduating from college. I have taken the GRE. I have applied to grad schools. I have even been accepted into one. I didn’t go there.

Now, the need to go back to school is getting even bigger. Especially since one of my best friends of all time is in the midst of her Ph.D. work, and another very awesome friend who plays scrabble with me and will talk about barbecued baby ribs with me is back in school for her MS. I need to go back to school. I’m all intellectual and stuff.

The problem is, what I really want to do is study literature and folklore and then become a professor that only teaches one class a semester on the role of women in Shakespeare for the brightest kids and spends the rest of her time in her dark office, wearing tweed and horn-rimmed glasses and researching and writing papers. And accumulating dust.

However, I understand that is a pretty limited career choice, and even if I did manage to get all my professor qualifications, the chances that I’d have to teach more than one class are pretty high, and with my luck I’d be stuck with Freshman Comp forever.

So – I pretend to want something more practical. When I applied to grad school a few years ago, I applied in Anthropology – which seemed exciting. And it is! But not for me.

Lately, I’ve been very serious about getting my MLiS through the Distance Learning program at the University of Washington. But today, today I found another program. The MA (or MS) in non-fiction writing from Portland State University. Which is, surprisingly, right here in Portland. And all of the classes are evening classes. And since that is what I would ultimately like to do with my life (make money from writing), this seems a good fit. Plus, I have to take at least two literature classes to graduate, so that’s promising.

I have until February 1 to submit my application for next fall, and although that sounds like it’s far away, I know it’s not really. Just over three months. Maybe I’ll submit apps to both programs and go with whichever one accepts me.

Maybe I’ll go buy a tweed suit and start hanging out at Reed. If I wear my glasses and put my hair in a bun, maybe they’ll hire me and give me a windowless office.

A girl can dream, can’t she?

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