What’s Going On?

Good news! The architect and I have a place for our reception – although it’s less of a “reception” and more of a “party” for us and our friends. That is such a relief.

The temp gig is going well – it’s not exactly fun, but it’s certainly not horrific, and they are paying me in real money.

I have a LOT of freelance stuff that needs to get done over the next few days – and have been procrastinating waaay too long there.

Hmmm….other news? Saturday we went to Vancouver, WA, because I’d never been to Washington before. It was not terribly exciting, but the fort was pretty cool. We’ll probably go back and spend a bit more time there sometime. Although I really need to make a trip up to Seattle and the vicinity.

Sunday was really hot. Yucky blah hot. So, we had to wait until late in the evening for our bike ride of the weekend. We rode our bikes 5.5 miles to the Springwater trail (which used to be a railroad) and then rode another 5 miles east to Powell Butte – which is so beautiful. We will go back & take pictures soon. The best part about the ride was that once we were on the Springwater trail, the trail was lined with blackberry bushes – it smelled so good.

Except for the part where it was hotter in Portland than LA on Sunday, things are going well. We have a big camping trip planned this weekend with a friend of Brad’s that we’ve camped with before, so I’m looking forward to that. We actually camped with him Labor Day weekend last year, too – outside of Portland! We were here visiting, and he comes down every year for this old English car show or something. I’m a little unclear on that.

So – just to get through 4 more days of data entry and then I get to camp and hike & bike in the woods! WOO!

I think I’m finally settling into a routine.

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