The importance of being well-shod

First: a little background on the below product. As everyone who reads this blog is most likely aware (and if you weren’t, you may want to work on your reading comprehension skills), I just moved to Portland. I am very excited about this move, and so far have only found two or three ways that LA is better than Portland (which is another post). I love it here.

HOWEVER, it has been recently brought to my attention (by the drizzle yesterday morning and the rain this morning) that it might end up being a bit…chillier…here. That means I am going to have to buy new clothes. And what is the most important purchase when buying new clothes?

If you guessed shoes, you are absolutely right.

So, how does a gin-drinking shoe-loving girl reconcile her love of black heels with the need for something more climate appropriate – something that will keep her feet a bit warmer?

The answer:

These look like the perfect shoes for fall/winter. And they weren’t that expensive. I bought them from an online retailer I’d never heard of (I couldn’t seem to find something I like on Zappos, my on-line shoe store of choice): My Diva’s Closet.

(Important note: They also sell armwarmers. A product I never knew I needed before.)

I will be sure to report on quality, etc., once they arrive next week.

Now, I think I need to buy some more sweaters. I don’t think one is going to get me through to next spring.


(If anyone sees a similar shoe for under $50, please let me know. I’d like to get a pair in brown as well. Thanks.)

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