Where’s the Gin When You Need It?

Last night, in my continuing quest to watch every show that cable has to offer, I saw a bartending competition on the Food network. At first I was all excited, because I love making drinks (and maybe drinking them), but then I found out that a lot of the competition is judged on speed and flair. I won’t deny that I have a certain flair for some things, but throwing glass bottles around is probably not one of them. So, I thought it might be more appropriate for me to be a judge – because that would be a lot more fun, anyways.

In order to practice judging, I thought I would make a martini, drink it, and give myself points.

There was only one problem. I am out of gin.

We needed groceries anyway, so we headed out to the grocery store. We got everything we needed, except for gin. Because the grocery store does not sell liquor. None. Only beer and wine. We asked the cashier about the location of the nearest liquor store, and she said, “You mean one that’s open now?” Apparently many close at seven. in the evening. Before you’ve even gotten home and realized that you’re out of gin.

So that brings me to my lists.

Things that are WAY better in LA than in Portland

  1. I can buy gin whenever I want from the grocery store down the street.
  2. The Mexican food. The so-so Mexican food in LA was still better than anything I’ve found here.
  3. There was another thing, but I forgot. If I remember later, I’ll add it.

Things that are better in Portland

  1. Since moving here, I haven’t had any allergy problems (as long as I don’t pick up a newspaper).
  2. Everything smells like blackberries
  3. Last night, when we were leaving for the grocery store, the sun was setting and Mt. Hood was all pink
  4. The bike trails are awesome
  5. Powell Butte park
  6. The MAX
  7. People are really nice
  8. Lots of good beer
  9. It smells better
  10. Festivals all the time!

So, obviously, Portland is still better, but those two points are pretty big ones in my book. Oh, well. Hopefully I’ll find some gin soon, and then all will be forgiven.

Happy Thursday, everyone.

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