I am a sucky blogger


I haven’t been updating very much. Nor have I been reading and commenting on all my favorite blogger’s spots. This whole temp thing has been kicking my ass. 8 hours a day of data entry is not the most stimulating, and worst of all, I can’t surf or update from work!

Although, it would be a lie to pretend that I worked 5 days this week. On Tuesday, I did not go to work. Instead, I died. Well, not quite, but there were a couple of minutes that I really wanted to. I think there is something wrong with my insides, and I hope I can soon get a job and some health insurance so I can get that checked out. It was so bad that there were times that I alternately considered a) going to the hospital or b) calling my mother. It was that bad. Wednesday I felt well enough to go to work, and was happy that they wanted me back, since it was just a temp job and they’ve no obligation to give me sick days. However, I am the best temp in the world, so they did, in fact, want me back.

Temping is interesting – I haven’t done it for a number of years, and I’d forgotten how depressing it can be. Also, I am working in a cube farm, and holy crap! that is just a crazy environment. I know more about these people than I ever could have imagined wanting to know.

But, anyways – besides the sick and the cube-hell, there was an adventure or two last weekend.


The architect and I rode our bikes downtown for the 2006 Portland Tour de Fat. It was very, very sunny and hot, but I did not get sunburned! YAY for my darkish complexion. We saw many exciting bikes:

We also drak a LOT of Fat Tire. Way too much Fat Tire. Then we had some pizza. Then, we decided to have more beers. I’m not sure why. Then, I dropped my sunglasses in the Willamette – which I’m sure had nothing to do with the beer. Then, we decided we shouldn’t ride our bikes home, so we took the MAX. That was really the best part – because I hadn’t yet ventured on it since moving to Portland. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to navigate it or something. And then I remembered that I have successfully navigated the metro systems in many cities where I didn’t even speak the language: Paris, Barcelona, Madrid, NYC…and lo! it was good. And lo! I have taken the MAX to work and back three days this week.

So – Saturday was good. However, because of the goodness, we didn’t get quite as early a start on Sunday as we would have liked.


Sunday, we took a drive to the coast. Specifically, we drove to Tillamook, where we had a not-so-great breakfast (at a pancake place on Main Street – not recommended). Then, we went to a see a lighthouse and a crazy tree. There were rumors of whales off the coast, but I didn’t see any. :(

After that, we went to the holy land.

Oh, yeah – you’re seeing that right. We went to a cheese factory. (they also had some really awesome ice cream….yum!) There were free cheese samples. And a store.

We may have purchased a small amount of cheese. It was so awesome. The only bummer was that they don’t have much for crew in on weekends, so we didn’t get to watch any cheese being made.

It was really really cool, though. Awesomely cool. Totally rocked. I may have walked around and randomly squeed “CHEESE!” every few minutes. The architect was pretty amused :) I want to go back.

The other cool thing about the Cheese place was that it is an independent co-op of all the local dairy farms, and isn’t a huge corporate mess. That, along with the yummy ice cream and free cheese samples….it was like heaven.

Then, after the architect dragged me away from the cheese place (where I couldn’t find a fun cheese shirt – they had some cow shirts, and some butter shirts, but no cheese shirts! can you believe it?), we drove all the way up to Astoria. We did not, however, drive across the bridge to Washington. This is why: (Dad, please avert your eyes)

I know it’s hard to tell, but that bridge is very very long and very very high. I’m not some kind of weirdo freak that is scared of bridges over bodies of water. I’m just afraid of very high bridges. They don’t have to be over water to scare me. And long flattish bridges over water aren’t scary. It’s the high thing. And that bridge is really really really high. So, we didn’t go over it. Which means, I still have never been to Washington State! And that’s crazy ridiculous. I also still haven’t had a martini in Portland. Also ridiculous. I intend to remedy both of those issues this weekend.

Job News

The architect has a job. He starts on the day after Labor Day.

I am still jobless, except for my low paying temp gig. And really, that’s not so bad. I do have some freelance work that I’m doing, and maybe I can pick up a few more of those gigs, and that wouldn’t be so terrible at all.

However, there is still one more job that I haven’t heard from, so maybe that will work out. I am losing hope as the time goes by – I’d rather be pleasantly surprised than miserably disappointed.

Anyways – that was the incredibly long-winded update of my life – which just goes to show that I should definitely update more often.

Happy weekend, everyone.

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