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Weekend in Review

No new pics today – I mostly just take pictures of cats now anyways. Of course, you should thank me, since soon, this will all be pictures of Alvie. And cats, too, probably.

So – the days are all running together now. I am (mostly) done with work. I do need to log in today & do a few things, as well as put in my out of office message. But – not going into the office has really messed up my concept of the passage of time.

Ummm…so…Friday! Friday I went to acupuncture, then made my mom go have mediocre suburban Mexican food with me before hitting Target for a couple of last minute baby items (like toilet paper and swiffer dusters to dust the ceiling fan – totally baby related). Whilst at Target, I started having contractions. “Yay!” I thought. Immediately followed by “I think I should leave Target now and go home.”

I made my mom drive home, and spent the rest of the afternoon having contractions. It was very magical. Or something. I did call the architect and ask him to come home a bit early – just in case. And he did! He skipped work happy hour and the promise of fried cheese sticks to come home! I showered and put on my going to the hospital outfit, and then…they just fizzled out. I made the architect miss cheese sticks for nothing! I am a bad wife.

I was pretty exhausted Friday night, though, even for just 5 hours of false labor.

Saturday I did…nothing.  I rested. I hydrated. I crossed my fingers.

Sunday I had bursts of energy! I was putting away the flat ware from the dishwasher and realized that the drawer in which I store the flat ware was GROSS! So I (with the help of my mother) decided to clean it out. And then, I needed a new flatware tray, so we went to the dollar store. And then to the new nursery down the street (they had baby chickens! I didn’t get any) and then there was cleaning! And organizing! And more ceiling fan dusting (not by me, though – I am not allowed to climb on ladders).

Then, of course, I was wiped out.

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, and web surfing, and playing of Words With Friends.

And today – today is Alvie Bean Day. However, I do not think that Alvie is going to make an appearance today. He is just too cozy. Of course, there is now a FB movement to Free Alvie, and possibly a petition, and many people pleading my case (because Amy needs gin), so maybe he’ll listen.

I do, however, feel pretty confident that by the end of the week, I will have a new baby friend.

Happy week!

Darwin says you WILL have a good week...or else


Things are full of the crazy around here. Job stuff is especially odd. Class stuff is kicking my brain’s ass (nice image, right?). Foot stuff is a whole lot of not kicking, so as to not damage my foot.

I have just over two weeks left of the current class/quarter, and then three whole weeks of nothing! (Except, you know, work – and social stuff – and CHEESE MAKING!)

I am having a little trouble making & sticking to goals. I am also having a little trouble staying awake this afternoon, as I slept very poorly last night, and then had to get up very early this morning. (Read: before 9 AM, which has been the usual wake-up time over the four-day weekend.)

And speaking of the four-day weekend; although it was only one day longer than my typical weekends, it seemed extra long. The days just went on and on. So lovely.

Wednesday evening started off perfectly with my first post-surgery swim. I went 1,000 yards (yay!) in 30 minutes (eh – I’ll take it!) and had no pain, and very little discomfort. It was almost like I’d never had foot surgery at all! so awesome.

Thursday was Turkey Day – hosted by the lovely Ambitious Pi family. There were 12 of us for dinner, and it was good. So much wonderful food. My friends really know their way around the kitchen!

Friday was a day of lounging. I didn’t even get dressed once all day!

Saturday was a day of industriousness. I wrote a paper, hopped on the bike trainer (10:15 – a whole 15 seconds longer than last week), and then went to Laurelwood for my first Vinter Varmer of the year.

Sunday was another lazy-ish day. I lounged. Then, I got dressed so I could hang out & paint ornaments with some of my best girls.  We had so much fun painting & sharing a bottle of wine. I had WAAY more fun than I’d anticipated, and cannot wait to go back for my birthday & make everyone pitch in to buy me the $90 garden gnome. 🙂

Sunday evening was, again, lazy – just the way I like it.

I wish every weekend lasted four days! Alas! I will just have to do my best to enjoy my much-shortened 3-day weekends. 🙁

***non sequitur navel gazing***

I think a lot about who I am, and how each experience changes me, even if only a little. Time spent with my Portland family makes me a better person. I have learned so much from each person in my life, and every interaction, every new adventure, helps me become a little more me – and a little better me.  Thank you, friends.