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Book Review: Shameless Begging

Hey readers…quick request. If you read either The Cardinal Gate or The Waning Moon, can you pretty, pretty please go post a review for them? I don’t care if you didn’t love them. (If your last name is Cissell, though, you can’t leave a review.)

It doesn’t have to be much. Just pick a title (This book was aces!) or (I liked it alright) or (Meh), a star-ranking, and a couple sentences that make it sound like you actually read the book. (If you didn’t read it, don’t review it. That’s weird.)

You can set up an anonymous name and I’ll never know who you are. I promise you won’t hurt my feelings if you don’t like it. I’ve heard a lot of negative things about my books (and more than enough positive things to balance it), but reviews are really awesome to help indie authors like me gain traction.

I really appreciate everyone who’s supported me by buying, downloading, and reading…and I’d appreciate you so extra hard if you’d review.

(Pssstttt…I’m gonna be doing a HYUGENORMOUS giveaway involving three signed paperbacks and a few other fun goodies as soon as The Cardinal Gate gets to 50 reviews…we’ve a ways to go, though, so don’t hold your breath.)

In the meantime, I’m trucking along with writing and editing and eating regularly and sleeping and watching too many murder shows late at night when it’s windy and the branches scrape the house and things get blown into the doors. Still working on getting to my ideal state, but I’m feeling a little better about it today.


Writerly Wednesday: So Many Updates!

I have almost all my beta comments back and unless they’re fucking with me, this book isn’t as bad as I’d feared. (There is a point where you’re positive the words are the worst words in the absolute wrong order. I’ve seen this with more than one author of my acquaintance.) I’ll be wrapping The Ruby Blade up over the next few days and getting it to editor extraordinaire so she can rip it apart.

The Ruby Blade has a fairly firm release date of October 31 (hooray for Halloween!). It will likely be ready to go before that, but the week before, I’m going to be lounging on the beach in Mexico, eating my weight in tacos, and drinking margaritas-refreshing my spirit. Those are not the kind of activities I want to interrupt with constant “is anyone buying my book” refreshing.

I’m getting antsy to see the draft of the cover for the book. I mean, technically I told my cover artist that early September was fiiiiine, but dammit! I WANT IT NOW!

I’m just over 13K words into Book 4. (I’m not set on a title yet, but hopefully will be soonish; titles make me happy.) I’m really liking the direction this book is going. It’s 80% new material and 20% salvaged from my first draft of the original book three (which I split in twain).

I am tentatively looking at a mid-March release date for this one. Again, it’ll likely be ready a bit earlier, but again, travel plans and release dates are tricky.

The Beer Guy and I bought our birthday trip extravaganza tickets last week. We’re going to land in Dublin on my birthday, see as many historic sites, museums, fairy rings, pubs, cideries, and gin distilleries as is humanly possible and then fly down to Spain to celebrate the Beer Guy’s 4oth birthday drinking cider in the north of Spain. I am so excited about this trip. I have TWO Pinterest boards already. One for Ireland and one for Spain & Portugal.

If anyone has any recommendations for must-see spots in Ireland (we’re not sticking to Dublin, of course), northern Spain, or Portugal, feel free to leave them here!

My only other bit of writerly news is that my editing schedule for the next few months is starting to fill up. I’ve big projects in September, November, and January. I’m not taking anything big on in October because of travel/book release, but I’m open in early February and then starting in Mid March. I do have smaller projects interspersed throughout all those other dates for my most regular gig, but my next opening for something of a larger/longer nature isn’t until December.

I have three requests if you’re willing and able.

  1. Sign up for my newsletter (sign up in the sidebar) if you haven’t already. You’ll get access to the exclusive Raj serial that comes out once a month, you get snippets of stuff from WIPs (next month will have a section from The Ruby Blade). You’ll get the updated kill count in my ongoing battle with Colleen, release dates, cover previews, and title reveals ahead of the unwashed masses. In addition, you get book recommendations for other authors I think you’ll enjoy. (You’ll also know when my books are about to go on sale.)
  2. If you read my books, please, please, please go to Amazon and review them. (Unless your last name is Cissell – that just won’t work.) I don’t care if you liked them or disliked them, any reviews are good. I’d really like to get over a 50 reviews minimum for these books because that changes the algorithms and helps my book show up sooner in searches.
  3. If you are interested in receiving an advanced reading copy of The Ruby Blade in exchange for an Amazon review, please comment below and I’ll get in touch with you when it’s time. (Please note that ARCs are unformatted and unproofed, so there will be some wonkiness.) Please include a note letting me know if you’ve read the other two books and link to any existing book reviews you’ve done in the past.

Thanks! You guys are the best readers and I can’t wait for you to dive into The Ruby Blade!



Three Things Thursday: Keeping it Real Edition

  1. I know I owe you a review of The Silent. And I want to give it to you. But the last week has been a rough one for Amy-kind. I was felled with some kind of likely migraine issues last Thursday, and then have had various levels of horrific cramps over the past few days. Hunter deserves more than a half-assed review written when I couldn’t think straight. If you’re desperate for a great review and don’t feel like waiting around until I can pull myself together, check out my PSM’s.
  2. I am (with the exception of yesterday) making excellent progress on my rewrites of The Ruby Blade. I am hoping to finish up in the next week to ten days. Rewriting is ever so much harder than writing, because I have to make sure additions make sense within the story, and add rather than detract. There are a couple new characters in The Ruby Blade, and I hope you love them as much as I do. There’s also a lot more Raj, and he is even more morally ambiguous than I was expecting him to be. Still hot AF, though.
  3. Did I mention the cramps? Yeah. This month has not been good. I was a wreck last night. There may have been tears. And sobbing. And the inability to walk properly due to pain. Today, I feel like I was in a fight or something (on top of the only slightly less awful cramps I have today) because my body aches all over from the aftermath of the full-body cramps I had last night. Since I can’t take vicodin at work (or drink a bottle of wine at my desk), I’m thinking a combo of reiki and essential oils might be my only hope. Maybe also coconut oil, although I’m not sure of the proper application. (Please don’t chime in with advice on pain management…trust me, I’ve probably tried it, or considered it and dismissed it for legitimate reasons.) (The no assvice thing goes double for the non-uterus havers.)


Have a great rest of the week and fantabulous weekend. If you don’t hear from me again, it’s probably because the entire Pacific Northwest melted, thus saving me from further pain.

Writerly Wednesday

The Waning Moon cover went out to my newsletter subscribers. If you don’t want to wait until next week to see it, you can sign up (check the side bar!) now. You’ll get access to the Raj serial (I really need a title) and I’ll send you the cover!

Next week on Writerly Wednesday, I’ll have the public cover reveal as well as links to the presale! (I’m anticipating a busy weekend…good thing I have a ton of other things planned as well!)

If you read The Cardinal Gate and aren’t related to me, I’d really appreciate it if you’d head over to Amazon and leave me a review.

Unrelated: I went to the NKOTB Total Package concert last night and had so much fun, but now my voice hurts and I’m tired and old.

Worth it though. That is Joey McIntyre and my hand.

Writerly Wednesday

Heya, people! I need to get back to The Waning Moon, so I just have a few bullets for you today.

  • If you read The Cardinal Gate, please, please, please leave it a review on Amazon. Even if you just thought it was kinda meh – a couple 2 & 3-star ratings won’t make me cry (maybe just don’t tell me your real name). Unless you’re also a Cissell. Those reviews get taken down right away.
  • Newsletter goes out next week! Chapter three of Raj’s story will be included as well as a new semi-regular feature “Eleanor’s brew review.” Sign up in the sidebar (or literally, on any page of this website). I’ll be sending out the first two chapters of Raj’s story ahead of time (I know I have a few subscribers since the last newsletter went out, and I want you to have a chance to get caught up!) (Pssssst: Also in the May newsletter? Title reveal and tentative publication schedule for book three!)
  • Edits are going well on The Waning Moon. I’m just trying to clear up a couple bigger items and then it’ll be ready to go back to the editor for the big look-over. There will be a special newsletter edition in early June with the cover reveal before the special reveal on 6/20.
  • I’ll have pre-order links for The Waning Moon up around 6/1.
  • AND, if you haven’t read The Cardinal Gate yet, it’s available on Kindle, in paperback through Amazon & in Kindle Unlimited.
Eleanor's head with a crescent moon behind her

Release date: June 27!