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Family Friday

Tonight, my baby (I AM NOT A BABY) comes home for five nights in a row. That’s never enough – I hate that Wednesday morning I’ll drop him off at kindergarten and won’t see him again until the following Monday after school – but I love my long stretches with my boy. In a month, we’re switching the schedule to eliminate the mid-week transition and I’ll get him for week-long stretches at a time (of course, this also means he’ll be gone for week-long stretches at a time, which is a major bummer…sigh). I would give almost anything to have him more. The sticky, cotton-candy kisses I got last night at back-to-school night are everything.


My other local family, the beer guy, is on his way to Belgium, which is his very favorite country, right now. He told me he’s eventually coming back, although for some reason, I had the return date wrong in my head (and on my calendar), and even though he kept correcting me, I still couldn’t remember the right date. I think I finally have it now, which means I’ll show up to the airport on the right day to pick him up and not leave him stranded for 24 hours. One of my favorite things to do when he’s traveling is to sky-stalk him with the Flight Aware app. He’s currently (as of this very second) flying over the flyover state of Nebraska. (Sorry, Nebraskans – but I’m from the flyover state of South Dakota…it’s just how it goes.)

One of my biggest challenges when I’m sans beer guy is to remember to eat and sleep. Yes, I know that sounds dumb, but it’s my biggest challenge. So I’m putting it out here that I will eat and sleep on the regular for the next few weeks. That means no skipping meals, no having “fruit salad” for dinner, and going to bed and to sleep at a decent hour every night.

This will NOT be me. Most of the time.

Fortunately, I have a lot to keep me busy. I’m wrapping up an editing project this weekend, just in time to get The Ruby Blade back from my editor to do revisions. I have a Raj chapter to write, I’m deep in Eleanor book 4, and I’ve started outline books 1-3 of my new series. Plus, all that kid time with the world’s best kid and future leader of a unicorn cult.

GAH! That bump!



Three Things Thursday

  1. I have a 5K next weekend. I have sporadically trained for said 5K. Very sporadically. And then I twisted my ankle last week and it’s just now feeling better, as long as no one kicks it or drops heavy things on it or I wear shoes. I’m not going into it with any expectations of PR-ing, but I need to go, to walk/run that bitch, and finish, thus earning my mimosa in my commemorative running glass.

The finishing mimosas in 2015 before Jamie abandoned me for Boston

  1. I have another, longer race in six weeks. I’m hoping the success of crossing the finish line next weekend will spur me into being less sporadic. It’s weird when you get stuck in an endless loop of too stressed to run and have no long-acting stress relief. I know that once I get solidly back in the habit (and for me, that’s four-five weeks of 3x/week), I’ll love it. I’ll feel good (most of the time), sleep better, eat better, and have a significant reduction in stress levels. It’s just easier to stay home and not run or walk. Home is nice. No off-leash dogs, hardly anyone looks like a threat (solo trail running as a woman can be a bit nerve-wracking, regardless of how much I love it), and there’s wine. I have yet to come across a wine kiosk in Forest Park. (WAIT A MINUTE! NEW BUSINESS IDEA!)

I will set up a little wine stand in the middle of forest park. Like a lemonade stand, but for adults.


  1. Every time I start running, I get sick or injured. It’s like a curse. Maybe it is a curse! I read this morning that certain household objects invite demons into your home. And, since I have multiple tarot decks, a yoga mat, and–between the Beer Guy and me–two complete copies of the Harry Potter books as well as all the movies on DVD, we’re pretty much doomed. (That’s before we even look at the various religious studies books the two of us have. I’m sure all the non-Bible stuff is inviting all the demons in.)It’s nice having someone to blame. I finally get the Bean’s insistence that the Sugar Ghosts ate all the candy canes off the lower holiday tree branches one morning before I woke up.

    Earlier this week, the Sugar Ghosts struck again! I bought a Cadbury Creme Egg for myself the other day, and when I went to eat it, it was missing! It couldn’t have been the Bean–he was at school–and the Beer Guy swears it wasn’t him…must be Sugar Ghosts. They’re in league with the demons!

(You guys…I just spent way too long trying to find a font that screamed “exorcism” at me but was still legible. It’s way harder than I would’ve thought. I eventually gave up and just chose a font called “Sunday” because it made me laugh.)

Happy Thursday!



The day is getting right away from me…

This weekend was so busy and my week isn’t looking any less so!

Thursday evening, I did my best to take myself out. (Part of that included literally taking myself out.) I cut my right pinky on a pair of tongs while making dinner for the Beer Guy. Later, I broke a wine glass, and in an attempt to pick up the pieces, stabbed my right thumb with the broken stem of said glass. Later, after being bored to pieces, I talked the Beer Guy into taking me to karaoke. This was not my best decision to date. And then I fell down and sprained the shit out of my ankle, because that’s how I roll.

The "Most Interesting Man in the World" says, "I don't always roll a joint, but when I do, it's my ankle."

I went to the Rose City Romance Writer’s Spring Fling on Friday evening and most of the day Saturday. I’d headed over to meet up with some writers for a pre-conference happy hour, but I couldn’t find them (and didn’t look too hard, people are scary, yo!), but I did spend a very productive hour filling in my new planner, having a beer, and making plans.

A beer, a planner, and a week's worth of plans

The morning session on Saturday (on marketing) was fabulous, I met some great people, and handed out my new cards to just about everyone. I’ve gotten to the point where I can say I’m an author, talk about my book, and encourage people to look into it. I’ve really grown a lot in the last year! I also spent more money on books in two days than in the last few months. Autographed romance novels are a deductible expense, right?

Romance novels by Farrah Rochon and Cecilia Tan

Saturday evening, I had dinner with a friend in town for the weekend. I’d met her at the RT convention last spring, so it’s not surprising that our conversation was about 75% book and writing related.

gin and tonic

There was also a G&T. My first of…more than one…that evening

The Beer Guy had a friend in town this weekend, too, so we hit up karaoke Saturday night (and talked even MOAR books…turns out we have a mutual appreciation for a lot of the same paranormal books and authors).

karaoke screen

I swear the Beer Guy is in that photo behind the inconveniently placed pole

Yesterday was a lot more chill, but I still managed to get a lot done in terms of The Waning Moon (details Wednesday!).

Today is all about errands, little business things (finances, marketing plans, freelance business planning), and wasting spending a great deal of time on a PowerPoint (complete with charts!) that I will be presenting to the Beer Guy tonight. Ideally, all conversations would have an agenda, copious notes, line charts, and trend lines. I have been informed that it’s a little weird, but have decided that I can embrace being a little weird if it enables me to get my point across.

Powerpoint Slide that says "Death by Powerpoint" in blood with a zombie

I swear, it’s not as bad as all this!

I’ll have a book review up tomorrow, some writing updates Wednesday, and my “Letter to Alvie: Five Years” post on Friday. (Thursday will be a surprise for us both!)


This is Winning

For the first time in a very long time, I feel like I got just enough weekend. Now, don’t get me wrong – if my job kept paying me regardless of whether or not I showed up to work, I’d be at home on the couch right now, watching Criminal Minds and drinking prosecco out of miniature bottles so I could feel like a lazy giant.


But, since apparently “going to work” is still a condition for “getting a paycheck,” here I am. And not even particularly begrudgingly.

I got to start my weekend a wee bit early on Friday by volunteering at Cider Summit. It was fun pouring ciders, pretending I actually knew what I was talking about (hint: I was reading the backs of the bottles!), and getting to taste a few ciders myself. Bonus: I ran into a dear, dear friend that I hadn’t seen in a while and now we have plans to hang out next week! Hooray!

You guys, this is so good. I want to buy 144 cases of it and drink one every day for the rest of my life.

You guys, this is so good. I want to buy 144 cases of it and drink one every day for the rest of my life.

Saturday was a lazy-ish morning, followed by getting my hairs beautified (check it out! #40before40 item number eleven is taken care of!). Right? So pretty. Saturday evening was dinner out and then karaoke (because what else am I going to do on a kid-free Saturday night?)

2016-06-18 16.12.30-2

Sunday was another lazy-ish morning (I didn’t get out of bed until after ten…that’s just crazy), a nice little walk, waffles from the food cart, and then a drive south for more hanging out with people and eating and playing cards.

There was a lot of stuff fitted in to two and a half days, but I still felt like there was enough doing nothing to count towards weekend relaxation; really the best kind of weekend. I even did AOK with the sheer amount of hanging out with strangers and/or people I don’t know very well. There was some nervousness, but no real anxiety and not a single glimmer of a panic attack. That’s the real success, I think. It’s been a long time since I’ve been “on” for that many days in a row without needing a break to do some breathing exercises and to tell myself that it’s not a heart attack.



This almost makes up for the fact that I’ve been terribly, terribly clumsy the last week. I attempted to remove a thumb (alas! I didn’t cut it at the right angle to meet up with the scar from a previous thumb-removal attempt, so it’s slightly less cool), fell down the stairs (yes again), spilled hot coffee on that same, troublesome thumb, and then to add insult to injury, managed to snag my thumb band-aid on my bra hook last night while attempting to disrobe. I’m assuming that last one was especially amusing and my only regret is that I don’t have a video of that to share with all of you.

...and cut off her thumb, and did impromptu interpretative dances with one hand stuck behind her back...

…and cut off her thumb, and did impromptu interpretative dances with one hand stuck behind her back…

I’m really, except for the random acts of gracefulness, feeling pretty good about a lot of things. I just need a million dollars and some more free time, and I’ll chalk this solstice Monday up as a really good day.

Today is the first day of Eleanor's adventures! Also, a rare summer solstice with a full moon. photo by: Jonathan Paulson

Today is the first day of Eleanor’s adventures and a rare summer solstice with a full moon.
photo by: Jonathan Paulson



TOIFD! – Four Things Freya’s Day

Happy May, and even more importantly, happy Friday!


I hope everyone survived Cinco de Mayo (i.e. the day that even Trump likes “the Hispanics”) and Star Wars Day.

I’ve been trying to blog post all week but have mostly come up with such scintillating topics as:

  1. Editing sucks,
  2. Writing synopses sucks,
  3. Spreadsheeting for 8+ hours a day without food or pee breaks sucks, and my favorite:

4. IMG_5683


But since none of those topics are either interesting or in need of great elaboration (except maybe the last, and I really need someone to cross-stitch that for me), I discarded each of those topics. Instead you get four potentially amusing anecdotes.


  1. I am bad at poker. I always, always lose. Part of this is probably because I’m actually bad at it, and part of it might be my rather abysmal poker fae. (Heh. Typo, but I’m leaving it. My poker fae sucks!) I was talking about poker a while back with a friend and mentioned that the only time I’d ever won big at poker was when I was playing strip poker on a bus in England. We’d altered the rules so that the person with the best hand removed an article of clothing. I won most of the hands! By the time we arrived at our destination, I believe I was only wearing my t-shirt. As I reached the conclusion of this story, it occurred to me that maybe the other people were losing deliberately so they could keep their clothes on. Literally in 19 years, that was the first time I ever contemplated the fact that I’d really not had a legit winning streak.
Mr. Rogers says my poker-playing partners were not very good neighbours.

Mr. Rogers says my poker playing partners were not very good neighbours.

  1. I spend about one evening a week watching too much Criminal Minds and then reading a bit before bed. Earlier this week, I really wanted some comfort reading, so picked out some Stephen King. The next night, the serial killer in Criminal Minds was Tim Curry! My scary evening pastime came full circle.
Sewer Clown is Soothing

Sewer Clown want to sing you a lullaby


  1. I know I mentioned a Romantic Times convention summary, but you know what? That’s so last month. I will give you the highlights, though. I attended some good session, met with an editor and an agent, and got to meet some really fantastic people. On the afternoon I arrived, I met up with Elizabeth Hunter (every time I type her name, I type Hunger…do not know what that’s about) for gin o’clock. Elizabeth introduced me to Jeffe Kennedy, who introduced me to Jeni Burns and Shaila Patel. There was gin and champagne and cover models and a distinct lack of edibles (not including the cover models). So very much fun.


me and Elizabeth

me and Elizabeth

Champagne with Jeni and Shaila

Champagne with Jeni and Shaila


  1. Speaking of RT…the last full day I was there I had the opportunity to attend a panel on writing serials. It was the best author-led session that I attended. All of the speakers were very good and had excellent things to say on the whys and hows of writing a book in serial format. In addition to Elizabeth Hunter, the speakers were the aforementioned Jeffe Kennedy, the hilarious Killian McRae, and one of my favorite fantasy writers (and almost-neighbor) Meljean Brook. I’ve been interacting with Elizabeth for quite some time, so even though it was our first face-to-face, it didn’t feel like a new meeting, so I managed to not squee in front of her when we met. However, I’ve never had any interaction with Meljean, and I regard her as highly as I do Elizabeth. When I went to introduce myself, I completely lost my head, you guys. I started to hyperventilate a little and I think my voice might have hit a register that only dogs and vampires can hear. She looked a little concerned, and I have to thank Elizabeth for stepping in to say the things I was unable to say. Things like “my name is Amy” and “I also live in the Portland area.” That was even more squee action than happened when I met James Marsters. (I’m now having to cross a few people off my “I want to meet” list, because I don’t actually want to pass out on them. Sorry, Neil, Margaret, and Madeleine…it just wasn’t meant to be. We can’t even talk about what would happen if I happened across Hiddleston, Cumberbatch, or Tennant.)
Jeffe, Meljean, Killian & Elizabeth...

Jeffe, Meljean, Killian & Elizabeth…


I’ll have more book reviews up in the next weeks – I just need to sit myself down and write. And read. And write some more.

Happy weekend!