Four Things Friday

  1. Thank you so much to everyone who’s reached out after yesterday’s post. I may not be okay, but I’m currently in a spot where I think I might be soon. I appreciate the love and support.
  2. I saw my psychiatrist today and we’re gonna make some medication adjustments that will hopefully have me in a better place soon.
  3. This will not impact my publication schedule, nor is it impacting the speed and quality of my freelance work. My freelancing is what I put at the top of the pile to do…my writing output has suffered for it, but my clients come first. (Plus, I have an amazing business partner who’s been picking up any slack.)
  4. If anyone wants to support me financially for the next 4-6 years, I’m open to negotiations. You want me to write you in as the hero of my next book? I will 100% sell out for that. You want me to write your enemy in as someone who has no real role in the story but to die a horrible death? I can do that, too. Seriously. I have no trouble selling out. You guys have seen how much Eleanor eats and drinks. If Taco Bell and a local independent brewery want to sponsor the next three books, I will take those sponsorship dollars.
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