Demon Possessed Phone

You guys – I think my phone is possessed by demons. Remember last Thursday when I tragically lost my phone for almost an hour at physical therapy?

Today, I plugged it in to my work computer to charge it, and iTunes asked if I wanted to do the latest update. I did not, because work! And reasons…but I don’t know what happened. It started updating. And then, THEN! I got an error, saying the update failed and that I’d need to do some other update thing from my last backup.

But that didn’t work, either! And my phone said I needed to restore to factory settings. And lo! I was sad, because I have a lot of stuff on this phone. Like 2400 pictures, not all of which are backed up to my home computer (most are, but some that I took Saturday on my book research trip with Alvie Bean haven’t yet been backed up).

I whinged to the Beer Guy and my PSM, took a deep breath, and hit “restore.”

Halfway through the process, my work computer started to import photos from my phone. 253 for some reason. It was an odd assortment, but at least included every single selfie I have of me and the aforementioned Beer Guy, as well all the pics I took over the weekend.

And then, it was done. And I was afraid to see what was going on with my phone.

But you know what? There was nothing different. All 2400 pics were still there. Every single app–still there.

Nothing was changed, except that the software was updated to the newest version.

And I’m pretty sure I heard it laughing at me.

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