NaNo update
NaNo update

NaNo update

For the first time since I (re)started NaNoWriMo, I am not going to win. This month has been busy (so much freelancing!) and stressful (oh, my little Alvie Bean…) and now I’m sitting at my desk trying to type this while wearing a sling.

I have a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, but in the meantime, I’m only able to use 3/5 of the fingers on my right hand and even that’s exhausting.

I’m disappointed and a little worried about my book 4 deadline (and how this will impact my 2018 writing schedule), but mostly, I’m just hoping that my afternoon appointment will give me some answers and some pain relief.


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  1. John Flynn

    I hope you get some relief soon!

    Arthritis won over my will yesterday too. Tough to accept that sometimes but we have to take what we can get and try to make everything else work out.

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