Three Things Thursday: Writing Edition

  1. I finished my draft of The Ruby Blade and sent it off to my readers. I haven’t gotten any feedback yet, which means that (a) 3 days isn’t enough time to read/process/give feedback especially when they all have lives to live and jobs to go to, or – and this is more likely (b) it’s terrible and they hate it and don’t know how to tell me.
  2. I had a post planned for today about the realities of being an indie published author – particularly one who’s only been published for less than six months. I was going to talk about ROI and how it’s expensive to publish and how I’m not an overnight millionaire just because I have two books that you can (and should, right now) buy on Amazon.
  3. There’s a lot of talk about Kindle Unlimited, and a lot of authors I know are pulling their stuff from KU because we get paid per page read, and that amount keeps dropping. The pay rate for KU pages in July is $0.0040. If someone picks up The Waning Moon and finishes it, I still get less money than if they’d bought the book. I mean, I know it’s a good deal for readers. $9.99/month for unlimited reading. But it’s becoming a worse and worse deal for authors. Mine will stay in KU for now, and I’ll probably go exclusively with Amazon for books three and four (hey you! my one B&N reader! no worries…I’ve got you covered), but I’m less and less certain as each month brings a drop in the page rate and no discernible difference in the way that books gaming the system are handled (which is not at all, currently).


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