Writerly Wednesday

The book is done. One (or seventeen) last proofreads, and then it’s ready for prime time.

The cover is pretty much done. The cover reveal will happen right here in this space in two weeks. (If you’re a newsletter subscriber, you’ll get it next week.)

If you’re getting an ARC, those will go out by the end of this week.

There’s really one major step left before the pain of formatting and uploading and stuff like that.

The blurb. I hate this. I’d rather write 100,000 words than 150.

Current working draft – I’m open to feedback.

Eleanor is the awesomesauciest. Her taste in men is occasionally questionable. BUT, at least she likes sexy dudes. There is a lot of fighting. Her kill count is good. There is an impending apocalypse, too! Some sex. Much fighting.

Thoughts? Yes?



In other news, I’ve started a new series and got a few thousand words down on that over the long weekend. Because starting a third series is obviously the best idea I’ve ever had.

However, while I was writing, guess who popped in the coffee shop? It was overcast on the coast, so there wasn’t any sun to keep my 1000-year-old vamp indoors.

Seriously – hot dude, dead ringer for how Raj looks in my head. I stared. I took a sneak picture over my shoulder. I appreciated the endorsement from the secret vampire contingent from the Pacific Northwest. It was a good morning.


I’m pretty scattered right now. Between the day job, and the upcoming release, and having a new series in my brain and the 3rd book in front of me, and the other series, and apparently I still have this small creature I’m raising, and partner I enjoy spending time with, and running I’d like to do again someday.

Coffee and words on the Oregon Coast

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