The daystar! It burns ussssssss!

Portland is well-known for being gray and rainy. It’s part of its charm. I’ve lived here for almost eleven years. It is not a surprise that the winter months are overcast and moist.

This year, though…this year was miserable. (Even the Weather Channel agreed. By 2/1, Portland was named the most winter-fatigued city.) Between the ridiculous snow and ice in December and January and the fact that it’s rained a lot (A LOT), most people I know who live here were getting ready for the shitty weather to be over.

(Aside…the caption in this photo. If Astoria had record-breaking prrcipitation, does that mean it was raining cats and dogs? hahaha ha ha. I slay me.) 

We’ve had a couple teaser days here & there. Days when the sun would shine and the temperatures would sneak into the 70s. Days when we could have “drinks on the patio” with the Bean.


After a day or two, though, the sky would again become overcast and the rain would fall. So when the forecast promised well over a week of sunny skies and warm weather, I was cautiously optimistic.

The temperatures got a little warmer each day last week and the sun peeked out for longer and longer. By the time the beer guy picked Bean up from school on Friday, we were definitely warm enough for drinks on the patio again.

Saturday was beautiful. Mid-70s. Sunny. Perfect weather for practicing bike riding skills on one’s brand-new bike.

He did great until he found out I was no longer holding on to the bike.

(We also spent a significant portion of time indoors in the morning, flipping Alvie’s bed from a regular bed to his big boy bed.)

Learning about bats while wearing his batman pajamas

Yesterday was the annual neighborhood street fair. Food vendors, live music, booths with many goods and services for sale. It was such a nice day! We ate in the sunshine and wandered the booths. BUT! It was crowded! Everyone in general vicinity was there taking advantage of the nice weather.

We ate some lunch, grabbed some iced coffee, got L’s face painted, and then headed out.

The rest of the afternoon was spent in our much less crowded back yard, sipping rosé (me), Radler (the beer guy), and water (Bean).

Today’s supposed to be in the 90s, and I’m almost glad that I’ll spend most of it in my windowless basement office, protected from the burning harshness of the daystar.

Almost. (I’d rather spend every nice day in the shady backyard, reading and sipping rosé, but alas! I’ve eaten too much avocado toast and purchased too many iPhones, and I am not independently wealthy.)

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