Writerly Wednesday: Inappropriate Meme PSA

Due to (a) an exorbitant amount of anticipatory stress and (b) a deadline, I have nothing much of value to say this week.

I wrote a book review yesterday, and didn’t post it. I’m still deciding if I want to. I was angry at the book for many reasons and am not sure I want to always post reviews of books that piss me off.

I wrote a ranty post for today, too, and decided that I didn’t want to rant at you, either.

Instead, I’ll leave you with where my brain’s at now…

I’m almost done with edits on The Waning Moon (pre-editor edits, that is). I should finish tomorrow or early Friday. I will have it to my editor by 3 pm Friday (Pacific Time) or you may all show up and spank me.

I’m looking at the third book in the Eleanor series. It’s sitting at 111K words – i.e. just a bit too long. BUT–and hear me out–I’m thinking of rewriting it into two complete books, which would necessitate adding several thousands of words.

In addition to finishing up The Waning Moon, and rewriting book 3 so it’s books 3 & 4 (which would make the already completed 4th book #5, and either extend my arc to 8 books or render the planned 6th book irrelevant), I have a rewrite of the first book of a different series to do and the outline for the 2nd book of that series, which is going to be hella complex, because history. Why did I decide I wanted to write historically accurate fantasy? WHY??????????

Fun fact: When I was in college, I was a DJ for our university radio station. The name of our weekly show was the S&M show. It was so named because the show’s creators were Sophia* & Madeleine*. Sophia had the poor taste to graduate, leaving Madeleine behind. Senior year, Madeleine lived with Sage* & me. When Sage DJ’d, it was still the S&M show, but with me? The AM show. For obvious reasons, we just kept the name. Every show started with Lords of Acid’s “Spank my Booty,” and Madeleine & I were in our university newspaper with a whip and handcuffs. I’m not sure where she got the handcuffs, but I definitely still have my whip.)

*all names changed to protect the innocent from google-fu.

So – that’s what I’m up to when I’m not spending my time being angry at books and writing long, ranty posts about them.


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